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an inability to achieve relaxation; a feeling of mild mental discomfort. Restlessness is frequently an early, subtle sign of a patient's deterioration.
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Patient discussion about restlessness

Q. i have restless legs at night . could someone help me with what meds i should take

A. I suffered badly from RLS for several years. I then went to see a Neurologist about it. He prescribed a medication for the RLS, and within days the problem was gone. The sense of relief was amazing. However, one has to take the medicine all the time - if I forget to take mine, then the symptoms come back. Nevertheless, it is great to be completely free of the problem !

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Thence he retired to his own apartment, to give vent to his concern; but the restlessness of his mind would not suffer him to remain long there; he slipped softly therefore to Allworthy's chamber-door, where he listened a considerable time without hearing any kind of motion within, unless a violent snoring, which at last his fears misrepresented as groans.
The restlessness among the youth can inject greater dynamism to parishes which often favor the status quo more than the missionary passion.
Villegas noted that there is a healthy kind of restlessness among the youth "which we cannot just dismiss in the parishes, schools and families.
'So the new government has to acknowledge that the restlessness that has come out of it must be addressed.
The fear that the 'restlessness' of some members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) could lead to a new war has turned into hope after the signing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), Sen.
Pacing the Korean peninsula with a vigorous restlessness, Kwon Dobbs interrogates decades of hidden history, drawing on the dreams and memories of those gone before and driving toward her own form of understanding.
Speaking on the occasion, the minister said: 'Keeping in mind the growing restlessness among applicants and the uncertainty about reimbursement of payment, the ministry had requested the federal cabinet to proceed with the lottery under a 50 per cent quota, following which the balloting took place and the lucky winners were announced.'
Depression is characterized by feeling of low self-worth, loss of interest, feelings of regret, restlessness, loss of appetite, feelings of fatigue, and poor concentration.
Allama Iqbal was concerned about Kashmir under Dogra regime and mentioned their restlessness in his rhymes, he said and added Iqbal wrote about Kashmir in Persian and Urdu languages and also foresighted the gesture for freedom.
[USA], Sep 24 (ANI): A new study has recently revealed that healthy preterm children have more medical sleep problems like nocturnal movement, restlessness during the night and breathing problems than full-term children.
The minister said that after blasts at the holy land, a wave of restlessness had been felt by all Pakistanis.