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adj in Chinese medicine, pertaining to either an abundance of heat energy, in conjunction with redness of face or to overstimulation in which case the face will be pale or greenish.

Patient discussion about restless

Q. i have restless legs at night . could someone help me with what meds i should take

A. I suffered badly from RLS for several years. I then went to see a Neurologist about it. He prescribed a medication for the RLS, and within days the problem was gone. The sense of relief was amazing. However, one has to take the medicine all the time - if I forget to take mine, then the symptoms come back. Nevertheless, it is great to be completely free of the problem !

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In order to make the task of the future generation easier, we should restlessly strive to review it.
Synopsis: Ciaran Carson is among the most restlessly groundbreaking poets now writing in English.
With Allah's grace, we are restlessly going to amputate it in order to protect our youth from engaging in extremist ideas and narrow self interests, rather than decent Islamic brotherhood.
His days are filled with organizing treasure hunts, setting up talent shows and judging sandcastle contests, and his nights are spent restlessly attempting sleep as he grapples with the odd feelings that being at Skegness brings.
My tiny body perched on crumbling sandstone, I looked for the ghosts of a long-ago people who seemed to hover restlessly and colossally over our little town.
This Vedic exercise of cleansing and praying for the souls of those departed ones, whose skeletal remnants had been so far excavated at the mass grave sites to rest in peace and to cleanse the area connected with the grave sites from human souls straying restlessly and the haunting of evil spirits, as believed.
The entire nation, he said, is restlessly awaiting the address of PM Sharif, warning if the present government does not announce solid and practicable steps against terrorism and terrorists, then Taliban will prevail over the entire country by announcing their unannounced occupation of Pakistan.
And on those nights when you toss and turn, restlessly worrying that sludge is somehow building up inside your valve train, get up and change the oil, then go back to bed.
Speaking at the plenary assembly of the congregation for Eastern Churches in Rome, the pontiff said he will work restlessly to ensure Christians have the right to profess their religion without facing persecution.
Asked how the veterinarians noticed that the heifer was ready to deliver, Dr Robertson explained that the heifer had been in labour for two hours and laid restlessly on her side.
The opening Largo kept moving, unsettlingly, restlessly, as a chasm grew in the orchestral texture between the high woodwind (superlative playing from piccolo and clarinets
The project is progressing restlessly in an attempt to meet the scheduled delivery date in June.