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Restitutive ideologies underpin the measures attempted by the state to address the problem of indebtedness; but these measures have foundered, partly because they are based on flawed assumptions which often threaten to derail the very solutions they are proposing.
but if the harmony is restored and there is a return to the animal's nature, then we must say that pleasure comes to be.' This account is reinforced later in the dialogue, when Plato makes quite general statements about pleasure, which indicate that he takes it all to be restitutive. At 53c4-4d7, he repeats, with praise, the view of the sophisticates, that all pleasure is a process of becoming for the sake of some being, and hence does not belong in the class of the good.
1393, 1461 n.321 (1993) (noting Durkheim's observation "as society becomes more complex, it shifts from punitive to restitutive law").
The title cues us to its intended function as an apologetic or restitutive aesthetic object offered, as Jones writes in her acknowledgements, "in the spirit of reconciliation and in gratitude for all that indigenous Australians have given to others in their country" (NP).
(65) This means that a restitution agreement for, say, a youth who committed vandalism might involve traditional restitutive community service such as painting over grafittied walls, but may also include a more positive component like volunteering with a community organization that works to beautify the neighborhood through gardening or mural-painting.
"In general, our penology is making more room for what they call restitutive theories of justice--the idea that the best way forward is for the criminal to rebuild or pay back to the community as far as he can," expressed Cosh.
Ashenden's purpose in this last chapter is to see how well Williams applied his beliefs in a "restitutive hermeticism" in his own life (190).
The magnitude of [alpha] and the contact force-displacement model chosen to represent the particle behavior dictates the manner by which restitutive (rebound) forces are developed.
"Psychoanalytic and object relations theories gain from Lacan a precise focus for the substitutive, restitutive, and representational dynamics so central for an understanding of human behavior, and it is the word." (67)
In Europe, however, established tort law requires that damages should be restitutive - should put the plaintiff back in the same position as if the tort had not occurred.
Prefigured in the present story by Huck's de-distancing restitutive move after being made to abscond from the world of St.