resting length

rest·ing length

the length at rest from which a muscle develops maximum isometric tension.
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change in length divided by resting length ([member of])) to facilitate comparisons among animals of different size.
Alliance Rubber recently added Mover Bands, heavy-duty robber bands capable of stretching to nearly twice their resting length to accommodate objects of various sizes.
of Hot Springs has added Mover Bands, heavy-duty rubber bands capable of stretching to nearly twice their resting length, to its list of products, the company announced recently.
In other words, the V3 segment stretches by roughly 3-5% of its resting length during SMT.
The length of the muscle in the normal shoulder with the arm in the neutral position was assumed to represent the resting length for all muscles surrounding the shoulder.
Most stretching techniques are designed to place a "stress" on the musculoskeletal unit that will increase its resting length and range of motion (ROM).
beyond 150% of normal resting length), and is also low when the start point of the contraction is at around 70% of the normal resting length.
The triple helices slowly re-form the broken bonds, shortening the strand back to its original resting length.
Massage helps maintain muscles in their normal resting length.
Because muscles can stretch only about one-third the distance of their resting length, the temporalis needed a high insertion point on a domed skull in order to achieve enough length to permit the stretch required for the jaw to open.
In the human body, a muscle is isometrically stronger in a position slightly stretched beyond its resting length (2).
A well-conditioned muscle cell is able to contract to about half of its resting length and can support more than 1,000 times its own weight--but this abilityn diminishes with age beginning in the late 30s and by age 65 can be reduced by between 20 and 40 percent.