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1. Occurring during a state of inactivity: a resting pulse.
2. Biology In a temporary phase of not growing, dividing, or being active: the resting brain; resting spores.
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Inactive, motionless, at rest.
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Q. What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to the rest of the world? What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to other countries in the world. I don't mean amount of alcohol consumed, but alcohol addiction/dependency. Links to your sources would be appreciated. Cheers! (pun intended)

A. here is a link to a CDC table about drinking hobbits of Americans:
here is an article about it, and it gives good links also:

Q. Why is enough rest important after fitness training and does it have any other benefits?

A. your body needs to recuperate, so do your muscles. if you do not rest enough you may suffer overtraining and be sidelined from injury.

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"Perhaps it's not only the total hours resting or working that we need to consider, but the rhythms of our work, rest and time with and without others."
However, as you age, you have to take into account factors that may influence your resting heart rate.
A resting heart rate - the number of heart beats per minute - is determined by an individual's level of physical fitness, circulating hormones, and the autonomic nervous system.
As soon as the connection between playing the instrument and resting against the tube has been firmly established, the tube can be removed and replaced at different intervals until the new alignment becomes the alignment of choice.
As the summer went on we were treated to unexpected gifts from our resting garden.
What keeps you from resting? What are you afraid to hear if you stop to rest?
* Is your morning resting heart rate more than 10% higher than usual?
During the night, the flies crawled off to resting places and settled into what the researchers define as a sleep pose, slumped "face down," Hendricks says.
We allow approximately twice as much resting time as from our norm of 2 1/2 to 4 times the length of the activity.
For over a thousand years, pilgrims have travelled through France and Spain to the final resting place of St James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostella.