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a place where someone lives.
home health care services provided by a certified agency using an interdisciplinary team to meet the needs of patients being cared for in out-of-hospital settings such as private homes, boarding homes, hospices, shelters, and so on. Caregivers include professional and practical nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other professionals. The rising costs of hospitalization and the impact of diagnosis-related group (DRG) reimbursement for Medicare patients have contributed to the phenomenal increase in home health care agencies in the United States. Additionally, technological advances now make it possible for patients to receive many treatments at home that formerly were administered only in a hospital. Examples include oxygen therapy, intravenous drug perfusion (including administration of antineoplastics and antibiotics), and peritoneal dialysis. See also home health agency.

A variety of agencies and services are available in many communities. Some are privately owned and operated for profit (proprietary), others are affiliated with hospitals, and some are private nonprofit agencies. As more third-party payers such as federal and state governments and large insurance companies certify these agencies for reimbursement, growth in the number and type can be expected to continue, and more complicated types of care may be provided in the homes of patients.
home maintenance, impaired a nursing diagnosis approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as inability to independently maintain a safe and growth-promoting immediate environment. Related factors are any illness, injury, or knowledge deficit that can contribute to a person's inability to attend to cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the home and providing basic needs and comforts for the self and family members. Age-related factors might include special needs of an infant or of an elderly person with functional disabilities or sensory loss. In some cases impaired management of home maintenance could be related to insufficient family organization or planning, inadequate financial resources, or impaired cognitive or emotional functioning.

Nursing interventions are focused on determining the nature of the problem, assessing the family's ability to deal with it, and identifying available resources for assistance. Plans for utilizing available resources are developed with family members. These might include procuring a part-time homemaker, obtaining supportive assistance such as legal aid or nutritional care, or providing therapeutic care by nurses, speech therapists, physical therapists or other professionals who are involved in home health care.
nursing home see nursing home.
residential care home (rest home) a residence where room, board, and personal care are provided for individuals who need assistance and supervision. The focus is generally on dependent elderly persons who cannot live independently but do not require regular nursing care, and on younger individuals who have mental illness or mental retardation.
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rest home

A private establishment where elderly or disabled persons are housed and cared for.
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A longitudinal descriptive survey was conducted, to gather self-reported data from rest homes and hospitals in greater Auckland, New Zealand.
The inferno at a row of bungalows at privately-owned Kangleyuan Rest Home in Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, started at 7:33 p.m., according to a statement issued by the provincial publicity office on Tuesday morning.
The $14.6 million, 61,920-square-foot rest home, which will be called Oasis of Dodge Park, will be the first in Massachusetts to meet all of the requirements to be called dementia care by the Department of Public Health since regulations were changed.
In the present study our aim was to add to knowledge of groups or individuals living in rest homes, who have a number of restrictions placed on them but in ways that are quite different from the typical victimology literature in that rest-home residents are in a custodial setting, in which their freedom to come and go to and from the home is limited.
In the last nine months Southern Cross has increased its portfolio from 165 rest homes to 369, after the acquisition of homes from NHP and Highfield.
AFTER reading the article (Evening Telegraph, May 5) over pensioners threatening to leave a rest home if a black man moved in, I felt really sad and disappointed.
With the shift away from the large, extended, multigeneration unit, families began to place their kin in newly organized boarding homes, nursing homes, rest homes, homes for the aged, and convalescent homes and hospitals.
Six hundred and twenty-six female residents were identified from the 31 rest homes. Of these, 338 were not eligible (235 due to cognitive impairment, 53 due to poor physical health and 40 for other reasons).
Jerry Avorn and his colleagues of Harvard Medical School in Boston surveyed a random sample of 55 rest homes in Massachusetts.
MANDATORY STAFF-to-resident ratios are needed in rest homes, according to Consumer New Zealand researcher Jessica Wilson.
She said the rate is putting many rest homes out of business.
Ms Guest said: "The website brings together nursing homes and rest homes wishing to publicise their services, and people seeking nursing or rest home places for their loved ones.