rest body

rest bod·y

a small mass of cytoplasm remaining after the nucleus and cytoplasm of the schizont of certain sporozoan protozoa have divided into asexual spores or merozoites.
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Three Way Bolting Device And Six Lever Lock Door Sheat Thickness - 20 Gauge Rest Body Including Shelf Thickness 22 Gauge With High Quality Hinges An Over Lapping Doors And Interlocking Design
The attenuation correction of head/neck region is done with UTE while rest body parts by a Dixon technique providing two images where water and fat are 'in phase' and in 'opposed phase'.18 Recently correlative studies comparing standard uptake values (SUV) measured by PET/CT and simultaneous PET/MRI (Biograph mMR) have shown good correlation.19,20
Terry will certainly need to rest body and soul between now and Tuesday.
Add an easy-to-adjust drop-away tether, which uses a simple hex screw to tighten the cord to the rest body, and you have yourself one reliable, durable and easy to tune rest.
Billy Graham's reply to the question concerning the Sabbath (Use Sabbath to Rest Body and Soul, Spiritual Matters in the January issue).
The players have had time to rest body and mind and I am confident you will see a different Ospreys side at Stradey.'
The Holden Portable Rest is supported by three threaded steel legs that screw into the bottom of the rest body at each of the three corners.
Tenders are invited for Office Steel Almirah Large Door In Made Of 20 Gauge And Rest Body Is Made Of 22 Gauge Crca Steel Make - Aish Popular Or Equivalent 04 Adjustable Shelves With Powder Coated Made Up Of Crca Steel Size- 1980 X 915 X 485 Mm.
If not, some models permit additional tether length adjustments to be made on the rest body, which makes tuning and setup extremely easy.
Large hex bolts make windage and elevation adjustments easy and solid, NAVCOM dampening incorporated into the rest body. Such "lizard-tongue" launchers are also seen on Cobra's Diamondback Drop Away series.