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accountability; the condition of being required to account for one's actions.
corporate social responsibility a set of generally accepted relationships, obligations, and duties that relate to an institution's impact on the welfare of society.
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Vox populi A duty to do/not do a thing. See Administrative responsibility, Clinical responsibility, Criminal responsibility, Sexual responsibility.
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1. Accountability.
2. Trustworthiness.
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Patient discussion about responsibility

Q. How does an allergic response occur? I don’t understand the exact mechanism of allergies. Can someone explain this?

A. In the early stages of allergy, a type I hypersensitivity reaction against an allergen, encountered for the first time, causes a response in a type of immune cell called a TH2 lymphocyte, that interact with other lymphocytes called B cells, whose role is production of antibodies. The secreted IgE antibody circulates in the blood and binds to an IgE-specific receptor (a kind of Fc receptor called FceRI) on the surface of other kinds of immune cells called mast cells and basophils, which are both involved in the acute inflammatory response. The IgE-coated cells, at this stage are sensitized to the allergen. If later exposure to the same allergen occurs, the allergen can bind to the IgE molecules held on the surface of the mast cells or basophils and cause a full reaction.

Q. I don’t know how to make him responsive at least when it comes to studies in school or at home? My child is diagnosed with ADHD. He was very inattentive in his class and we do get regular complaints from the school. At home he watches cartoons that he loves and refuses to have his dinner even. He cannot sit for more than ten minutes to complete his home work. Even very minor sound distracts him from doing his homework. He has trouble paying attention to the activities he does not like. I don’t know how to make him responsive at least when it comes to studies in school or at home.

A. it takes alot of time and patience and loving. without them none of itwill never work. both from teachers and parents and friends and family.

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In this study, the reliability of the nurses' social responsibility questionnaire and of the SERVQUAL questionnaire were calculated as 0.86 and 0.88, respectively.
In the process of regulating responsibility relations, two interests can be specified: an interest of an injured person and an interest of a state.
And benefit and retirement plans oversight responsibility can sometimes be found in finance committees of the board.
Their involvement has contributed immensely to the subject of social responsibility and our consequent recommendations," said Mubarka Hamad al-Marri, manager, Al Faisal Social Responsibility Centre.
In studies conducted in the healthcare settings, the main objectives were recognized as developing a model for the hospital's social responsibility (7,25,26), finding the social responsibilities and duties of the hospitals (27,28) and identifying the incentives for hospitals to take social responsibility (29).
The fourth session themed "Social Responsibility in Telecom Sector," will discuss the role of media in enhancing CSR and pioneering projects in telecom sector in social development towards a new vision for entrepreneurship.
Efforts made by the banks in the competitive environment have increased the social welfare by offering new services provided by banks But what is neglected is the matter of social responsibility of banks and financial institutions, Because most of the banks have listened to recommend loans with the development of e-banking in order to earn more profit.
Finally, Waller considers whether we could ever eliminate moral responsibility; perhaps it's too deeply imbedded into our psychology.
The second session of the forum will tackle the role of social responsibility in building the corporate brand, ways of measuring the return on corporate social responsibility in brand customer confidence.
The third session explains how to align between business strategy and social responsibility programs, and practical tools to enhance the staff involvement in social work inside and outside the company.
The 2012 China Social Responsibility Annual Forum was sponsored by the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI), China Foundation of Consumer Protection, China Private Economy Research Association and China Forum of Environmental Journalists (CFEG), in association with the Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Development Research Center of Tsinghua University and many other related institutions.
government support for the principle of a responsibility to protect certainly has grown in recent years.

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