response hierarchy

re·sponse hi·er·ar·chy

alternative reactions or modes of adjustment to a given situation arranged in the probable order of prior effectiveness; for example, a mother attempting to discipline an unruly child may first request, cajole, then plead, scold, and finally punish; her behaviors can be ordered along a response hierarchy for further monitoring of effectiveness.
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Response hierarchy, Affair guidance as the second level index of authority.
X1 to X13 represent response hierarchy, affair guidance, professional level, media literacy, information disclosure, press conference, actions by regulation, speed of response, response attitude, response frequency, emergency plan, information sharing and department linkage respectively.
According to the regression results, this paper comes to the following conclusions:[R] From the significance of the index, the regression result shows that 11 indexes are significant including response hierarchy, affair guidance, Information disclosure, press conference, etc.
Authority is measured by response hierarchy and affair guidance, which means that relevant departments of government should respond and give positive guidance from the form of agenda after public emergency happens.