respondent behavior

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re·spon·dent be·hav·ior

behavior in response to a specific stimulus; usually associated with classical conditioning. See: conditioning.


an animal that responds to a particular stimulus.

respondent behavior
reflex responses elicited by stimuli; generally not under voluntary control.
respondent conditioning
see classical conditioning.
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Related to the argument that operant and respondent behavior are similar in that both always occur in the presence of stimuli and never in their absence, is the contention that the operant-respondent distinction has been made on the basis of single instances of behavior.
Indeed, the only qualitative difference between operant and respondent contingencies that has been noted is the effect of partial reinforcement, which is more effective than continuous reinforcement in maintaining operant behavior but less effective than continuous reinforcement in maintaining respondent behavior (Crawford, Holloway, & Domjan, 1993).