respondent behavior

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re·spon·dent be·hav·ior

behavior in response to a specific stimulus; usually associated with classical conditioning. See: conditioning.
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Aside from simply raising questions concerning the neoclassical explanation of respondent choice, the observed focus shift may illustrate non-neoclassical characteristics of respondent behavior that may assist CVM researchers in survey design.
To validate this typology, the interviewer's evaluation of some aspects of respondent behavior is used.
Sensitivity of the nervous system to contingencies: CS-US contingencies for conditioned respondent behavior, and [S.sup.D]: R [right arrow] 5 R+ contingencies for operant behavior,
More troubling are differences in respondent behavior across different question formats.
Rather, we discuss only those areas believed to be conceptually relevant to the problem at hand: We wish to raise the possibility that instances of operant behavior as they have been observed in equivalence experiments may also be instances of respondent behavior occurring concurrently.