respondeat superior

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respondeat superior

Etymology: L, let the master answer
the concept that an employer may be held liable for torts committed by employees acting within the scope of their employment.
A legal doctrine that holds an employer liable for an employee’s wrongful or negligent act

respondeat superior

Latin–let the master answer for the servant Medical malpractice A legal doctrine that holds an employer liable for an employee's wrongful or negligent act. See 'Captain of the ship. ', 'Deepest pockets', Malpractice.

res·pon·de·at su·pe·ri·or

(rē-spon'dē-ăt sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr)
Legal doctrine that makes an employer responsible for an employee's action; sometimes called 'captain of the ship principle' or law of agency.
[L., let the superior take responsibility]

respondeat superior,

n a legal doctrine that passes the legal responsibility for acts or omissions of an employee to the employer.
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Another alternative which ties into the qualified immunity defense would be the application of the doctrine of respondeat superior to defendants.
First, the cases of inducement resting upon a respondeat superior theory generally involve situations in which claims are brought against the officers of a corporation for authorizing their subsidiaries to take the actions that led to infringement.
Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, an intentional tort "committed by an employee can result in liability for his or her employer" if the employee was acting "within the scope of the employment" at the time of the commission of the tort (Ramos v Jake Realty Co.
The Franca court correctly rejected the timeworn rule of non-liability adopted in Barbetta by holding that a ship owner may be held liable under the theory of respondeat superior for the medical negligence of its employees.
Plaintiff filed a petition for personal injuries against Pulitzer, Carron, Meriwether, and Medrano alleging negligence based on different theories including respondeat superior, negligent hiring, negligent retention, and negligent entrustment.
Kennedy's indiscretion under respondeat superior due to his status as an independent contractor rather than an employee.
Specifically, hospitals and supervising physicians may be subject to liability under respondeat superior.
At the same time as it denied respondeat superior liability, Monell ruled that a municipality could be liable under Section 1983 if "a municipal 'policy' or 'custom' .
As mentioned above, I try to shed light on this issue by looking at two areas: respondeat superior and firms' limited liability.
34) Respondeat superior has its roots in early master-servant doctrine, in which a master was liable for harms caused by the actions of his servant.