respiratory mucosa

res·pi·ra·to·ry mu·co·sa

pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells and a lamina propria containing, in addition to connective tissue, numerous seromucous glands and in some regions many thin-walled veins that line the airways; it includes the respiratory region of the nasal mucosa [TA] (pars respiratoria tunicae mucosae nasi [TA]), mucosa of the trachea [TA] (tunica mucosa tracheae [TA]), and mucosa of bronchi [TA] (tunica mucosa bronchi [TA]). See: respiratory region of mucosa of nasal cavity.
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It has some effects on the body, including primary irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory mucosa.
The sinonasal tract, lined by ciliated respiratory mucosa (Schneiderian epithelium), gives rise to three distinct papilloma morphologies.
Sites of systemic absorption include broken skin tissue, inflamed gastric sites, eczematous skin and respiratory mucosa with the risk of a reaction increasing with number and duration of sprays administered.
There is an epithelial lined cavity containing mesodermal as well as endodermal derivatives like muscle, intestinal mucosa, respiratory mucosa, fibres, bone and blood vessels etc.
It was thought the cause of infections was the disruption of buccal and respiratory mucosa (6).
Direct contact between infected bird secretions and human respiratory mucosa is thought to play an major role in poultry-to-human transmission (2).
Biopsy samples obtained from the gut and respiratory mucosa during chronic infection demonstrated profound mucosal CD4 T cell depletion in all SIV-infected animals, at levels similar to those described in the context of HIV infection.
Common infection sites for the HSV-1 virus include the oral and ocular and respiratory mucosa, while HSV-2 generally affects the genitalia; however, the patient's sexual practices can transfer the virus from one site to another.
Generally speaking when we speak of a URTI we are speaking of the involvement of the respiratory mucosa from the nares to the 4-19 generation of airway.
Respiratory mucosa for cell culturing was obtained from partial resection of hyperplastic inferior turbinates at rhinosurgery.
Histologic examination showed polypoid fragments of respiratory mucosa with a submucosal tumor composed of a dense cellular infiltrate (Figure 2, hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification x100).
10-16) On irritation of the respiratory mucosa by infectious agents or chemical factors, production of such anti-inflammatory agents are upregulated as a defense mechanism.