respiratory metabolism

res·pi·ra·to·ry me·tab·o·lism

the exchange of respiratory gases in the lungs, oxidation of foodstuffs in the tissues, and production of carbon dioxide and water.
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They also showed that making some key enzymes perform better meant that the cells changed from doing low yielding fermentative metabolism to breathing through the high yielding respiratory metabolism.
Further, some bacteria species can use arsenical compounds as respiratory metabolism. Traces of Arsenical Compounds Market are also used as an essential dietary element in hamster, rats, chicken, goats and other species.
Monosaccharides, such as glucose and fructose produced through photosynthesis are readily utilized in respiratory metabolism for energy production, which is critically important for plant survival of stresses (Nilsen and Orcutt, 1996).
Mitig will target both paths for mitochondrial importation to remodel organelle content and address i) how incorporation of exogenous mitochondria impacts respiratory metabolism in gbm cells and iii) the relevance of this metabolic rewiring for tumour development in vivo.
McDaniel, "Mitochondrial respiratory metabolism and performance of cattle," Journal of Animal Science, vol.
Coulbourn Instruments' M3, Metabolic Measurement and Mapping System is modular in design and integrates respiratory metabolism, food and drink intake, and activity monitoring all in specially adapted home cages.
Modular in design, the M3 integrates respiratory metabolism, food and drink intake, and activity monitoring all in specially adapted home cages.
Sabinsa's process extracts green coconut water, a liquid endosperm of maturing coconut, at optimal maturity when high levels of RNA (ribonucleic acid), critical for amino acid transport and respiratory metabolism of living cells, are present.
As aerobic fermentation progresses, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is released by the cultures present, but the rates vary enormously, depending on the respiratory metabolism In those processes where oxygen is injected directly in addition to air injection (which is still required for mixing the fermentation broth and stripping it of carbon dioxide and other undesirable reaction by-products), the requirement for oxygen can be monitored and the supply adjusted to suit.
The effects of activity, temperature and mass on the respiratory metabolism of the squid, Illex illecebrosus.

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