respiratory metabolism

res·pi·ra·to·ry me·tab·o·lism

the exchange of respiratory gases in the lungs, oxidation of foodstuffs in the tissues, and production of carbon dioxide and water.
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Sabinsa's process extracts green coconut water, a liquid endosperm of maturing coconut, at optimal maturity when high levels of RNA (ribonucleic acid), critical for amino acid transport and respiratory metabolism of living cells, are present.
As aerobic fermentation progresses, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is released by the cultures present, but the rates vary enormously, depending on the respiratory metabolism In those processes where oxygen is injected directly in addition to air injection (which is still required for mixing the fermentation broth and stripping it of carbon dioxide and other undesirable reaction by-products), the requirement for oxygen can be monitored and the supply adjusted to suit.
This study evaluates the effect in the laboratory of the herbicide Calliofop 36 EC, on biometrics (the ratio of fresh material/dry matter), the biochemical composition (total protein) and activity of a specific enzyme oxidative stress: catalase (CAT) and respiratory metabolism (respiration followed by photosynthesis) in Elodea canadensis and Lemna minor.
Respiratory metabolism was assessed by measuring the respiratory activity of leaves of E.
Effects of 36 CE Calliofop 3jour treatment of respiratory metabolism (respiratory activity) of Lemna minor:
The present study was undertaken firstly to better characterize the impact of pesticides on growth and respiratory metabolism and other hand to perform a risk assessment to determine the concentrations without long-term effects for the environment.
Figures (5) and (6) illustrate the effect of both products on the respiratory metabolism during 5 days (96 h) treatment.
Thus we have highlighted our work in a disturbance of respiratory metabolism of microorganisms treated with different concentrations of xenobiotics studied compared to control cells.
Figure (07) illustrates the effects of the resins R1 and R2 on the respiratory metabolism of the paramecium.
This stimulation is very highly significant on the respiratory metabolism of the paramecium treated by the resin R1 and R2, after (6h) of treatment with (P = 0.
The other interesting aspect in our work relates to the evolution of the respiratory metabolism of Paramecium treated by the resins R1 and R2.

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