respiratory isolation

res·pi·ra·tor·y i·so·la·tion

(res'pir-ă-tōr-ē ī'sŏ-lā'shŭn)
Used for patients with diseases that can be spread by droplet infection. Anyone entering the patient's room must wear a mask.
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Contract notice: Delivery of regenerative cameras --rescue respiratory isolation for branch coal company sa
The authors highlight at least three contributors to measles mortality in SA: HIV infection, failure to administer two doses of vitamin A 24 hours apart to children with the infection as recommended by the World Health Organization to reduce mortality, and the uneven application of respiratory isolation.
A large new decontamination room has been added, and multiple negative pressure rooms are in place for respiratory isolation.
The man is currently in respiratory isolation at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital, The Associated Press reported.
At the peak of SARS II, NYGH had 46 patients with investigated, suspected, or probable SARS in respiratory isolation in private, negative-pressure rooms (4).
The control patients were admitted to the hospital for the treatment of infections that did not require contact isolation or respiratory isolation.
What are the in-house capabilities for providing respiratory isolation for suspected or confirmed TB cases?
OSHA requirements call for (1) a private negative pressure room for known or suspected TB cases, (2) door closure and labeling for "AFB isolation" or "Special Respiratory Isolation," (3) having workers wear a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) respirator in the room, (4) six air changes per hour (ACH) with a stricter guideline of 10 ACH in California and (5) making up the extra ACH with portable units such as the RS1000.
The findings bring into question the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that respiratory isolation for pulmonary TB patients should be discontinued only if a patient is on efficacious therapy, is showing response, and has three consecutive negative sputum smears, reported George Mixides, M.
Our study included 54 medical interns and 45 residents who began training in April 2000 at the Carri6n Hospital, where all patients with TB are housed in wards without respiratory isolation.
Engineering controls, which focus on how best to handle air, include negative pressure capability in respiratory isolation rooms, placement of UV light fixtures, and installation of HEPA filters.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of disposable masks for respiratory isolation and protection - integrated health integrated health organization ezkerraldea enkarterri cruces.

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