respiratory epithelium

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res·pi·ra·to·ry ep·i·the·li·um

the pseudostratified ciliated epithelium that lines much of the conducting portion of the airway, including part of the nasal cavity and larynx, the trachea, and bronchi.
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If a suspected choristomas main component is an exuberant organoid respiratory epithelium and if the salivary glands represent the result of a successive metaplastic change, then the term hamartoma appears to be a more appropriate description of the lesion.
This spectrum of napsin A staining may mean that both components originate from respiratory epithelium but that round cells are incompletely differentiated, though additional cases are needed.
perfectly colonized by the periprosthetic tissue and entirely covered by a respiratory epithelium on the endoprosthetic surface.
The study found that regular attendance at indoor pools was consistently and significantly linked with the destruction of the respiratory epithelium, which are the cellular barriers protecting the deep lungs.
The typical abnormalities of the lower respiratory tract in RSV bronchiolitis are necrosis of the respiratory epithelium of the small airways, peribronchiolar mononuclear infiltration, plugging of the lumens, and hyperinflation and atelectasis.
Ampligen activates the TLR3 receptors on respiratory epithelium.
If epithelium is present, it is often stratified squamous epithelium with a prominent granular cell layer, although a respiratory epithelium may be seen instead (figure 2).
While the fibroepithelial polyp also has a fibrous core, the arborizing structures are lined with respiratory epithelium.
Named for Belgian bacteriologist Jules Bordet, members of the genus Bordetella are small, gram-negative, aerobic coccobacilli that infect the respiratory epithelium in mammals.
In the middle of the nasal passages (T2), before the distal regions containing the ethmoid turbinates (T3 and T4), SG-induced apoptotic lesions in the OE were detected only in a small mucosal region of the lateral walls and septum lining the middle medial meatus where the OE meets the respiratory epithelium.
Here we report results from our analysis of the TJ gene expression in normal and immortalized respiratory epithelium by RT-PCR.
Sung et al detected upregulation of PLUNC protein expression after bulbectomy in the respiratory epithelium and suggested that PLUNC protein may provide protection against infection after injury.

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