respiratory depressant

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respiratory depressant

An agent that lessens frequency and depth of breathing.
See also: depressant
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Q. can respiratory problems cause depression? is it common? I know that not being able to breath comfortably is really frustrating...

A. ALL illness and I mean ALL have the potential for causing depression.
Illness isn't a happy event and the emotional reaction parallels Elizabeth Kubler Ross's 7 stages.

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Two of them were for her and the other three were made up of respiratory depressant Palfium and Rohypnol.
This will avoid use of respiratory depressant agents because of the concern of alteration in respiratory drive in the context of base line restrictive and neuromuscular respiratory insufficiency.
Patients under age 2 years may be more susceptible to the respiratory depressant effects of codeine, including respiratory arrest, coma, and death.
These agents have less respiratory depressant effects than their longer-acting counterparts, he added.

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