respiratory compliance

res·pi·ra·to·ry com·pli·ance

(res'pir-ă-tōr-ē kŏm-plī'ăns)
The change in lung volume per unit change in transrespiratory pressure when the respiratory muscles are relaxed; may be static or dynamic.
Synonym(s): respiratory system compliance.
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In a previous study, the researchers reported that daily supplemental vitamin C in pregnant women who could not quit smoking improved their newborn's pulmonary function as measured by passive respiratory compliance and the time to peak tidal expiratory flow to expiratory time.
[12] In this study, we noticed that abnormality in the pattern of PF parameters were increased with increasing BMI which is contrasting with the findings of Naimark and Chemiack who showed that in comparison to normal subjects, in obese patients' total respiratory compliance was significantly reduced, [13] whereas study from Bengaluru by Sudhir and Chandrashekara on 150 subjects reported an increase in FVC with increasing BMI.
This sequence of events leads to venous statis, decreased respiratory compliance, and eventually, increased airway pressure (4).
[8] Major respiratory complications of obesity include a heightened demand for ventilation, elevated work of breathing, respiratory muscle insufficiency, and diminished respiratory compliance. Respiratory function is determined by interaction of lungs, chest wall, and muscles.
This results in significantly decreased respiratory compliance, hypoxemia, and CO2 retention.
Respiratory compliance in preterm infants after a single rescue course of antenatal steroids: a randomized controlled trial.
The newborns delivered to smokers taking vitamin C demonstrated a significantly increased peak tidal expiratory flow to expiratory time (TPTEF:TE) ratio and passive respiratory compliance per kg (Crs/kg) compared to placebo.
At birth, they examined two respiratory function measures: the ratio of time to peak expiratory flow/expiratory time (TPTEF:TE) and passive respiratory compliance per kg (Crs/kg).
As results, from the third day oxygenation, respiratory compliance and plateau pressure significantly improved in the high PEEP group [43].
The respiratory compliance (C), which varies with time too, is so complicated that human lung can be considered as a variable volume container.
Laparoscopic surgery for the abdominal visceral organs requires pneumoperitoneum and the Trendelenburg position to optimise surgical conditions, and can reduce cardiac output and respiratory compliance (10).
Multiple Surfaxin batches have been used to assess the biological activity of Surfaxin via measurement of respiratory compliance at various time points across the proposed shelf-life in both the preterm lamb model and the optimized BAT.