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The treatment of others with deference in daily interactions, weighing their values, views, opinions and preferences.
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Q. What difference does fructose makes to a diabetic with respect to glucose? I am diabetic with type 2 NIDDM. My colleague with the same NIDDM type2 has a better glycemic control than me. He follows strict diet. He prefers fructose sugar and avoids other sugar as much as possible. He suggested me the same. What difference does fructose makes to a diabetic with respect to glucose?

A. All carbohydrates—like starch and sugars like dextrose, maltose and glucose must be controlled for high consumption by a diabetic. Whereas fructose sugar had a slight different metabolic route inside the body and it does not requires insulin. Glucose requires insulin. As a diabetic lacks insulin production; the glucose increases the sugar level of the body but fructose is out of this system of functioning by our body and makes a diabetic to control it well. The energy level of glucose and fructose are almost similar.

Q. I am really worried about my mom who is 38 yrs and has 4 children. Her self-esteem is very low. I am really worried about my mom who is 38 yrs and has 4 children. My two sisters are living with her, they are 11 and 15. I and my elder sister got married. She goes to work, comes home and stays in her room. She refuses to socialize with anyone, even to us. Her self-esteem is very low. It breaks my heart to see her like this. Is there anything that you can suggest?

A. depression can be the cause of it. how long it is going on? if more then 2 weeks- try to get her to go and get checked out. tell her that she shouldn't settle with living like that- she can live in a much better feeling.

Q. Our child is on Adderall. He is 10 and ADD/ADHD .Does not mind and is not respectful. What Is A Solution?? He does good in school but as he gets older he is leaning in a direction of not minding. My wife and I don't know where to go before it is to late. He goes to a play counselor who helps him in doing better in his school work. He is our nephew and we have raised him from birth. If anyone can give us some direction we would appreciate it very much.

A. i think that in this stage he should be evaluated by a professional. he will see the child and give you a diagnose and recommended ways of treatment.

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Pakistan, especially Punjab, needs to take some urgent measures to keep citrus a respectably exportable fruit.
Although on the surface the family members appear to be respectably middle class, Whicher soon uncovers adultery, insanity and jealousy involving a wicked stepmother and rebellious children.
The Tom Mullins-trained gelding hasn't reached the frame on his last two outings, but ran respectably in what were decent handicaps.
SIR - I do wish that all the people who are deprived of all hope in our society, people who never get a chance of a job with long term prospects, or any hope to ever own a home of their own, would behave themselves respectably and not be such a problem to the rest of us, the ones who have used our votes to deny their children any hope of a different kind of life.
But a second successive away match hardly helps the coach's preparations, and with 100-per-cent Caldy due at Liberty Way next weekend, a respectably close defeat would probably be more than acceptable at this stage of the campaign.
"We have been greeted respectably in Algeria and I will be there to welcome Kabylie myself.
This looks a very modest race and Andrew McNamara's runner wasn't disgraced on the flat last month at Killarney and ran respectably when fifth over hurdles at Roscommon last week.
In order to eliminate the sources of the Albanian discontent, they are requested to act promptly and respectably by implementing the Ohrid Agreement," says Arifi.
He appeals to the Finance Minister to publically and respectably reveal why new debts are needed and how exactly will these funds be used.
Means respect is earned; we must act respectably when we use the road.
There are a few of them who behave respectably, but the majority do not.