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1. an instrument used to intensify sounds.
2. an electric circuit in which oscillations of a certain frequency are set up by oscillations of the same frequency in another circuit.
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A device for employing inductance to create an electric current of very high potential and small volume.
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Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

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That's why the Resonator is just over TA inches long.
This study examined the sensitivity of a single-layer graphyne resonator. There are three types (i.e., aromatic, single, and triple) of covalent bonding constructed on the basis of graphyne allotropes.
It is noted that both [f.sub.odd] and [f.sub.even] can be estimated approximately by the half-wavelength of this microstrip resonator. They are obtained by (9)-(10):
In 2013, Capasso's group proposed an optical planar lens and axicons using V-shaped resonators [6].
where [f.sup.V.sub.i]([f.sup.H.sub.i]) is the resonant frequency of the ith resonator in the vertical (horizontal) direction and c and [[epsilon].sub.r] are the speed of light and relative permittivity of the substrate, respectively.
Muscle optical sensor is responsible for monitoring the change of the signal which occurs and compares it with the difference between sensing and reference signals, In the simulation, the parameters of the PANDA ring resonator were fixed to the continuous wavelength of 1.55 pm is introduced in the output port of the PANDA ring circuit.
where [U.sub.d] is the driving voltage, [S.sub.1] is the weight of strain tensor S of the piezoelectrodes at the radial direction, [b.sub.p] is the width of the piezoelectrodes, hp is the thickness of the piezoelectrodes, [h.sub.b] is the thickness of the bottom of the resonator, and [c.sub.11], [c.sub.13], [c.sub.33], [e.sub.31], and [e.sub.33] are the weight of the coefficient in the parameter matrix of PZT-5H.
The ODE (1b) describes the oscillations in the resonators, where the losses are introduced by f (viscothermic losses) and by n (jet loss due to the difference in inflow and outflow patterns).
One of which is to employ shunt open-circuited resonators that are quarter-wavelength long, which fits more to filter out narrowband signals [1].
This resonator is a 160 nm-thick niobium film on a 500 nm-thick high-resistivity (> 10k[ohm] x cm) silicon substrate.
A novel dual-band BPF based on dual-mode defected stub-loaded resonator (DSLR) is proposed for WLAN and WiMAX application in this paper.