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giving an intense, rich sound on percussion; exhibiting resonance.


Producing a vibrating sound on percussion.

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Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

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Backed by two guitarists and a double bassist, her songs are traditional but so resonantly performed that there is barely a hint of twee.
Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and Adelphia--whichever white-collar criminal or CEO fraud floats your pertinence-seeking boat, the chicanery that sets in motion Harley Granville-Barker's 1905 melodrama The Voysey Inheritance can match it resonantly, point for dishonest point.
Listen to Dylan Thomas resonantly reading his poems and you quickly realise how much of a loss his death was to radio and television as well as to poetry.
There, he met two men whom he would immortalize in his fiction: the bearded, barrel-chested, resonantly voiced William Rutherford, professor of physiology, who would be the model for Professor George Edward Challenger in The Lost World; and Dr.
Rationales for barring interracial marriage are useful to consider, especially since some of them echo so resonantly justifications voiced today by defenders of prohibitions against same-sex marriage.
(For students of Shakespeare, this book will speak resonantly to everything from Love's Labour's Lost and Much Ado to Henry VIII.) At the same time, Close Readers is ultimately frustrating because it often seems more itinerary, transcript, and catalogue than sustained argument.
Consider also just about every act in all Guy Maddin's movies--movies that seem to be rendered delirious from the lurid aroma of funeral bouquets--since his first, the resonantly titled The Dead Father.
As illuminating a lens as French psychoanalytic theory can be, allowing Campbell to speak resonantly of the loss of the female symbolic, her points could have been made as effectively with less theoretical baggage.
Frequencies above 100 GHz are needed to resonantly heat the electrons of a dense fusion plasma in an ignition experiment, in much the same way a microwave oven heats food.
Fan, "Efficient all-solid-state mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator based on resonantly pumped 1.645 [micro]m Er:YAG laser," Optics Letters, vol.
In various theories for the existence of KSVZ axions possibly present in the DM halo of our galaxy, a strong possibility exists for these to be resonantly detected in a microwave cavity while subjected to a strong transverse magnetic field, under a variation of the Inverse Primakoff Effect [8].