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giving an intense, rich sound on percussion; exhibiting resonance.
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Producing a vibrating sound on percussion.
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Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

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Northvale, NJ, April 12, 2019 --( New Yorker Electronics has expanded its lineup of Conduction-Cooled Capacitors by distributing the new HC Series of Self-Healing Polypropylene Film Conduction Cooled Resonant Capacitors with the direct mounting options.
Zinwell has integrated MaxLinear's AirPHY multi-gigabit modem technology with jjPlus's latest 65W magnetic resonant wireless power module into its 3rd generation ZRA-003 device, which can transfer power and gigabit data through glass windows or structural walls up to 20cm thick.
There is a lot of research focuses on achieving zero-voltage switching / zero-current switching operations using the resonant auxiliary circuits to the non-isolated bidirectional DC-DC converters.
Resonant is creating software tools and IP & licensable blocks that enable the development of innovative filter designs and modules for the RF front-end, or RFFE, for the mobile device industry.
Park City Capital, LLC, the beneficial owner with its affiliates of approximately 5.2% of the shares of Resonant Inc.
A key new feature of the controller is the reportedly unique ability to continuously adjust the output drive frequency to match the natural resonant frequency of the drive unit.
Last year, iPipeline acquired Resonant Software Inc., a life insurance underwriting technology company.
The proposed fractal tree-shaped MSA has measurements of L x W is acquired to the resonant antenna at multiple frequency appeared in Figure 2, which is printed on the substrate of dimensions 80 L x 100 W x 1.6h [mm.sup.3].
The series resonant converter (SRC#) is selected as the turbine DC/DC converter based on the converter efficiency, high-voltage transfer ratio, scale of converter, and galvanic isolation property.
To connect DC wind turbine with MVDC network ([+ or -]50k[V.sub.DC]), the series resonant converter (SRC) serves as a step-up solid-state transformer as shown in Figure 2.