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It should be noted that the frequency [[omega].sub.0] is the parallel resonance frequency of the [DELTA][C.sub.r] and [C.sub.A] and is also antiresonance frequency.
The biosensor presented in Figure 1 provides a response in terms of a change in the resonance frequency. Liquids with different permittivity values are loaded in the microwell, the electric field is perturbed, and the resonance frequency is changed.
At the resonance frequency of 2.3 GHz, the proposed antenna offers dipolar and omnidirectional radiation patterns in xz- and yz-planes, respectively.
The next step is to determine the resonance frequency [F.sub.air] of the circuit at the MT filled with air:
Without loss of generality, we focus on one resonance frequency [f.sub.n] and the fundamental gear fault frequency [f.sub.g] only.
Figure 8 represents the plots corresponding to region (D) including the second resonance frequency. It is shown that the POM curve in Figure 8(a) corresponds to the absolute curve of the second mode shape.
Meredith, "Implant stability measurements using resonance frequency analysis: biological and biomechanical aspects and clinical implications," Periodontology 2000, vol.
In the case of the ammonia clock, the resonance frequency was high (23.8 GHz), but the resonance width, or the range of frequencies over which the oscillator could resonate, represented by the width of the line in the absorption frequency shown in Fig.
When the actuated microcantilever vibrates in a certain frequency, we measured the resonance frequency of the MC vibration before and after gas detection.
In addition to this function, a series of other functions is also realized, such as maintenance of amplitude, searching for resonance frequency, supervision, and control.
where n is the number of modes of the resonance frequency, and [A.sub.i] is the amplitude of the resonance frequency of mode i.
It also presented the graphical method for determining the damping coefficient based on the desired value of the amplitude of the reduced resonance frequency. Moreover, it has proposed the method of searching for the active force that reduces vibration to the desired amplitude value.

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