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1. promoting resolution or the dissipation of a pathologic growth.
2. an agent that promotes resolution.
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1. Causing resolution.
2. An agent that arrests an inflammatory process or causes the absorption of a neoplasm.
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Causing or able to cause separation into constituents; solvent.
A resolvent substance, especially a medicine that reduces inflammation or swelling.
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The number [gamma] depends on the size of the region of analyticity of the resolvent and is basically determined by the distance of the curve to the closest eigenvalue.
In particular the projection is defined as the integral of the resolvent over an interval containing only one eigenvalue.
It is well known that Bu = u" is self-adjoint, with compact resolvent, and is the infinitesimal generator of an analytic semigroup on X.
The derivation of Wigner's semicircle in the large N limit is based on the resolvent (also known as the Green function):
(A) If H(q) is a diagonally monotone operator family in H with compact resolvent, then all eigenvalues [E.sup.H(q).sub.i] of H(q) are also diagonally monotone.
In this section, we give some theorems that estimate resolvent of an differential operator on a Hilbert space.
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A quasinilpotent operator A is of finite order w if the resolvent of A is of finite order w as an entire function in 1/[lambda].
"Iterative construction of the resolvent of a sum of maximal monotone operators," J.
La communaute internationale attend egalement que les Libyens resolvent leurs differends, car il y a le terrorisme, les mafias de la migration, il y a beaucoup de problemes qui affectent la Libye, mais aussi la communaute internationale [beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne le Representant special de l'ONU souhaitant que les pourparlers aboutissent avant le 20 septembre.
The analytic model represents a subnormal operator as the multiplication by the independent variable of a space of vector-valued functions that are analytic on the resolvent set of its normal extension, says Xia.
The proof of the theorem is done by constructing the resolvent kernel R([zeta]; [H.sub.d])(x,y) with the spectral parameter [zeta] [member of] [D.sub.d].