A gene encoded by a transposon that can catalyze a second stage of transposition as well as participate in the regulation of its own expression.
[resolve + -ase]
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X-ray structure of T4 endonuclease VII: a DNA junction resolvase with a novel fold and unusual domain-swapped dimer architecture.
EMD uses a resolvase enzyme cloned from bacteriophage [T.sub.4], known as endonuclease VII ([T.sub.4] endo VII) (14).
Plasmids IncFI/97, NTP101, PZM3, and TP181 were also positive for the presence of the 4.4-kb SphI band (Figure 2C), which is predicted to contain the tnpM (regulator), the tnpR (resolvase), and part of the tnpA (transposase) genes of Tn21-like transposons (GenEMBL accession no.
The large resolvase TnpX is the only transposon-encoded protein required for transposition of the Tn4451/3 family of integrative mobilizable elements.
Vaughn, "G4 resolvase 1 binds both DNA and RNA tetramolecular quadruplex with high affinity and is the major source of tetramolecular quadruplex G4-DNA and G4-RNA resolving activity in HeLa cell lysates," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Morikawa, "Crystal structure of the archaeal Holliday junction resolvase Hjc and implications for DNA recognition," Structure, vol.
Pode ocorrer que em sendo impossivel para o devedor realizar uma prestacao derivada de um negocio juridico resolvase este em perdas e danos, mas nao ha que se falar em invalidade do mesmo.
ISTN3X; 96% identical), comprising one of Tn3-like inverted repeats and putative coding regions for transposase, resolvase (also called repressor), and ampicillin resistance.
Heteroduplices generated by heat denaturation and renaturation of PCR products of polymorphic DNA or wild-type and mutant alleles, respectively, are incubated and cleaved by either the bacteriophage T4 endonuclease VII or T7 endonuclease I (bacteriophage resolvases).
The accessory genome and the unique genes had a similar distribution of functional annotations with an overrepresentation of genes involved in DNA recombination (genes encoding integrases, transposases, or resolvases) and defense mechanisms, as well as those belonging to the mobilome (COG categories L, U, V, and X), as expected.
After incubation with resolvases or chemicals, the products are resolved electrophoretically side by side to score for the presence of mismatch-cleaved molecules (9-11).
Three of the patents, including patent 5,698,400, cover use of highly sensitive enzymes known as resolvases, which normally function to scan the genome efficiently for variances, or mutations.