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A measure of a material's resistance to the passage of electrical current; the reciprocal of conductivity.
[L. re-sito, to withstand]
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"Influence of Deep Earth Resistivity on Direct Current Distribution in AC Power Grid." High Voltage Engineering 40 (11): 3528-3536.
Current inflow test; earth surface potential; soil resistivity horizontal hierarchical model; finite element analysis
Atakpo [8] adopted the resistivity survey in assessing the contamination of groundwater by hydrocarbons in Uvwiamuge locality, Delta State, Nigeria.
When the resistivity of the coal sample no longer changed, the equilibrium pressure was recorded.
This study begins with a brief review of soil resistivity models.
* The Bloom is underlain by an overlapping resistivity low, chargeability high, and magnetic high that may be associated with one or more mineralized faults
Figure 1(a) is the numerical simulation results of model with the low resistivity goaf and Fig.
resistivity meter survey in every month in each district.
Investigate the correlation between shear strength, water content and electrical resistivity (2 probe method) of untreated and treated ultra-soft soil.
Concerning the geophysical survey, field resistivity data were obtained along eight imaging lines (Figure 3) using Schlumberger configuration and a maximum of sixteen levels was attained for each of the traverse.
So a simple and inexpensive experiment consisting in the determination of the effective magnetic susceptibility and in the contactless measurement of electrical resistivity is described below.