resistant starch

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re·sis·tant starch

(rĕ-zis'tănt stahrch)
Dietary starch resistant to pancreatic amylase, allowing it to escape into the large bowel, where it is fermented to short-chain fatty acids by colonic microflora.
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Given current trends for type 2 diabetes rates and with nearly 80 million Americans at risk, we believe that ingredients such as HI-MAIZE resistant starch can be important contributors in the fight against this disease.
Beans have been noted as a food that can contribute to weight management due to the relative low glycemic index, high resistant starch and high satiety level [30].
Red meat and resistant starch have opposite effects on the colorectal cancer-promoting miRNAs, the miR-17-92 cluster," said a research associate at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer at Flinders University in Adelaide, Karen J.
Consuming 40 g of butyrated resistant starch per day along with red meat for four weeks brought miR-17-92 levels down to baseline levels.
Significant differences (P<05) are found in resistant starch (Total, soluble and insoluble) between varieties hull-les barely in the first year cultivation.
Resistant Starch foods are either consumed as stand-alone foods (like bananas) or used as an ingredient.
These range from clinical research results to easy-to-follow recipes showing how to incorporate RS sources such as Hi-maize resistant starch into consumers' daily diet.
Ongoing research from around the world suggests that resistant starch, or RS, may also help manage weight as well as blood glucose and insulin levels, prompting experts to consider RS as a new type of dietary fiber.
Natural resistant starch is making news across a wide range of media and is being touted as the next important food trend because of the many health benefits it can deliver as part of a wholesome diet.
Both Cargill and National Starch Food Innovation, the food arm of National Starch and Chemical, are selling something called resistant starch.
The US division of National Starch, based in Bridgewater, New Jersey (Fax: 1-609-409-5699), mean while, has complete an expansion that increased the production capacity for Hi-maize[TM] resistant starch by 33% This is the second expansion this year and provides the company with ample capacity to meet increasing customer demand.
We set out to estimate resistant starch (RS) intakes using the 24-hour food intake data from the 1995 National Nutrition Survey (NNS) database of 13 858 Australians.