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Salts or esters of resin acids.
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It is clear from these graphs that the resinates make extraction much less efficient.
This study has demonstrated that the use of oxycodone resinate makes it extremely difficult for potential abusers to efficiently extract oxycodone from commercial drug products using household materials.
Zinc resinate was produced by adding a threefold molar excess of zinc oxide (technical grade) to highly hydrogenated rosin (CAS no: 65 997-06-0) dissolved in xylene (50 wt% rosin).
However, screening tests (not published) showed that the high amount of starch was not compatible with a high content of hydrophilic poly(vinyl methyl ether), and a suitable binder composition was identified to contain roughly 60-70 vol% zinc resinate ([rho] = 1107 kg/[m.
Table 2: The composition of experimental coatings Binder Zinc Acrylate Poly(vinyl methyl Iron Fibers system resinate ether) oxide A 39 15 6 5 5 B 39 12 9 5 5 C 36 15 9 5 5 D 36 12 12 5 5 Binder Coating Starch Starch [Cu.
Model coatings, composed of 39 vol% zinc resinate, 26 vol% acrylate, and 35 vol% starch, were applied on 5 cm x 10 cm polycarbonate panels with a wet film thickness of 300 [micro]m using a Dr Blade applicator.
The very high softening point property of metal resinates provides the non-blocking requirements of high-speed printing, drying and bindery of gravure printed catalogues and magazines.