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Salts or esters of resin acids.
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Our solution metal resinates are used to disperse dry pigment (grinding resinate), and improve rub resistance and gloss (letdown resinate).
Due to time constraints I chose to work with resinate lustre which is industry's more reliable interpretation of lustre, despite it not having the same depth and subtle nuances of the reduced lustre, meaning that I was working with a solvent and oil based material, instead of water based.
Resinates were prepared by mixing the resin with an aqueous oxycodone solution for several hours to give a loading of approximately 0.4 g of oxycodone per gram of resinate.
The binder system contained zinc resinate [produced from rosin (CAS no: 65997-06-0) and commercial grade zinc oxide], poly(vinyl methylether) (Lutonal M40, 45% from BASF AG), and acrylate [methyl methacrylate/n-butyl methacrylate/methacrylic acid terpolymer (molar ratio approximately 100:100:1) purchased as Degalan LP 64/12, from Rohm GMBH].
Rosin-based metal resinates are used in publication gravure ink which is predominately toluene-based.
As a result, manufacturers across the raw material spectrum, including resins, waxes, carbon black, titanium dioxide, oxygenated solvents, a wide range of petroleum distillates, solution resinates, petroleum resins and rosin resins are increasing their prices.
* Resinates for publication gravure and pigment production
The researchers at MAFF's Central Science Laboratory, Norwich, England and Dundee University, Scotland, have already discovered chemicals like silicon resinates, used as anti-scoff components in inks, on both sides of most stored plastic and cartonboard packaging they have examined.