residual error

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re·sid·u·al er·ror

the estimated discrepancy between the actual measured datum and the value for that value computed after a model has been fitted to the set of the data by an estimator.
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Third, because we did not account for AL to correct for ocular magnification, there may have been some residual error.
Second, considering the problem that the model order of control system's hard to be determined, the new detected method which is based on residual error has the function of model order self-learning.
It was identified that the regression function obtained meets the assumptions of the normal distribution, absence of exceptions, and data homoscedasticity of residual errors.
For the animal weights and the carcass characteristics, the model used was: Yij = [mu] + Bi + Tj + Eij, where [micro] = overall mean; Bi=block effect (i=1 to 7); Tj = treatment effect (j=1 to 3), and Eij = residual error.
c) calculate the residual error after adding the new hidden node;
The residual error or percentage error is the error that may occur during the measurement of the surface roughness.
Table 4: Residual error and accuracy of fuzzy model using triangular membershipTable 5: Residual error and accuracy of fuzzy model using bell shape membership
In the next chapter, the authors using two major case studies in medical imaging and military imaging have proved that the adoption of reversible watermarking can lead to the reduction of deterioration of diagnosis accuracy in medical imaging and lower residual error rate in military imaging.
Wilinska and Hovorka considered 765 different combinations of proportional bias, constant bias, residual error, and autocorrelation in their modeling scheme.
The degree of adjustment of series observed in the Weibull model was verified by the residual error calculated by:
Rao, "Application of GM (1,1) model with residual error corrections in the prediction of coal mine accident," Mine R&D, vol.