residential care

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ex·tend·ed-care fa·cil·i·ty

(eks-ten'dĕd-kār fă-sil'i-tē)
Health care supplier of skilled care after hospitalization or severe illness or injury.
Synonym(s): nursing home, residential care.

residential care

Care provided in a live-in facility other than the patient's home. The very young, the very old, and those with physical infirmities, or behavioral or substance abuse problems are often treated in residential care centers.
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Target: Five specialist supported living and residential care properties
The increase is being delivered in a phased approach, which commenced from April 2017 when the limit in relation to residential care was increased to PS30,000.
In addition, the Victorian Budget 2017/18 funded an extra 100 targeted care packages and nearly 2,000 out-of-home care placements to reduce the number of children living in residential care.
About 37 percent of Tennessee's nursing homes and 22 percent of its residential care communities are located outside of the state's big cities.
6 billion and it is now clear that for some years many providers of private residential care homes have failed to properly fund improvements both in the care homes and in the training and remuneration of their staff.
The Advanced Care Pharmacy Services network of pharmacies provides comprehensive services to community mental health consumers and residential care patients across Michigan.
Dozens of Bay Area residential care workers will finally receive their hard-earned back wages, and damages, thanks to these court rulings,' said Janet Herold from the department's Solicitor's Office in San Francisco.
First, it develops a direct output measure for the residential care sector and then compares output and labour productivity growth in the sector by province for the 1984-2009 period.
The average price of PS29,389 means that pensioners face an average shortfall of PS290 a week if they require residential care, it warned.
The report said there is a need to ensure residential care settings are "safe, effective and of high quality".
He said it is often the surroundings addicts are in which pose the most risks for them and that they often need a bit of time out to recover - which is where residential care can come in.
They are proposing to cut the number of people staying in costly residential care homes in a bid to slash PS75 million from the care bill.

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