res judicata

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res judicata (rās´ joo´dikä´tə),

adj decided or determined by judicial power; a thing judicially decided.
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See Andrea Pinna, Recognition and Res Judicata of US Class
Reynolds (RJR) acknowledged the importance of res judicata in its initial brief filed in R.
extend the res judicata effect of a judgment to parties who have not
Does Res Judicata Contribute to Producing an Economically Efficient Legal System?
the merits and in New Jersey the first judgment was res judicata.
44) These two suits eventually led to a government settlement and consent decree that the district court and the Ninth Circuit later held barred ASFA's suit on grounds of res judicata.
The case established important precedent concerning post-mortem identity rights, res judicata and intent-to-use standards.
The court held, inter alia, that The Florida Supreme Court recognized that the legal principles of res judicata do not "neatly fit within the scope of administrative proceedings," so that the doctrine is applied with "great caution.
6015(g)(1), is titled "Res judicata," indicating that Congress was contemplating res judicata when it was drafting the refund provision.
Because a failure of subject matter jurisdiction trumps res judicata and all other timeliness requirements, litigants with unpreserved arguments naturally seek to cast them as "jurisdictional," either by expanding the concept of subject matter jurisdiction explicitly, or by confusing it with other concepts of jurisdiction.