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1. Something desired or needed.
2. A condition that must be present if some event is to occur or some entity is to come into existence.


Anything that is obligatory or necessary; an authoritative expression of such obligation or necessity.
[L. requiro]
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Relevant considerations for banks in deciding whether to pursue the advanced approaches include the benefits of doing so relative to the costs, the nature of their operations, the effect on their capital requirement, and the message they want to send to their counterparties about their risk-management techniques.
The new non-government standard will be published this summer, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) says that the new leg opening requirements will be part of JPMA's certification program six months after that.
For example, the requirement to document "all factors that could affect prices or profits in arm's length dealings" is too vague and broad to be meaningful.
Every redesign process is as unique as the product geometry, field application and associated design team that ultimately conducts the design, prototype and test requirements for complete acceptance.
These requirements reflect the policy that individuals with disabilities are to be full and active partners in their rehabilitation programming through the exercise of informed choices with respect to assessments for determining eligibility and VR needs and in the selection of their employment goals, services, and service providers.
Finally, all tanks and pipings must be installed in accordance with a nationally recognized association or an independent testing laboratory, and the owner or operator must demonstrate compliance with the installation requirements.
City of Fort Collins,(7) an unsuccessful police officer candidate challenged the legality of the department's requirement of 2 years of college credits, alleging that the standard had a disparate impact on blacks.
As program executive office action officers started to clarify and define the operational, budgetary, and acquisition-related requirements for fielding, we began to realize that unlike our previous experiences in acquisition, getting appropriate operational and budgetary oversight and execution approvals was proving relatively easy.
These dynamics create requirements for high availability of critical patient data, providing for secure storage and access to patient information, and meeting governmental compliance regulations.
This rule, called the "binding contract" rule, offers assurance that the COI requirement will be met, by allowing taxpayers to measure for COI as of the day immediately preceding the day the binding contract is executed, rather than measuring immediately before the transaction closes.
Each jurisdiction is independent, and requirements vary on a range of issues.
regulatory system for credit for reinsurance led the Reinsurance Task Force of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently to take a much needed step forward at the Summer NAIC meeting by voting to advance a proposal to ease collateral requirements for non-U.

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