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1. Something desired or needed.
2. A condition that must be present if some event is to occur or some entity is to come into existence.


Anything that is obligatory or necessary; an authoritative expression of such obligation or necessity.
[L. requiro]
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While some may joke that an RDC designation acts as a "get-out-of-jail-free card," in actuality RDC is more of an "acquisition permission slip" that assists the RDC manager in expediting decisions within the requirements, planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE), and acquisition management communities.
368-1(e)(2)(ii)(B), any modification of an otherwise binding contract that relates to the amount or type of consideration to be paid to the target shareholders will generally establish a new binding contract date and a new date for measuring COI, unless: (1) the sole effect of the modification is to increase the shares of acquirer stock to be used as consideration in the transaction; and (2) absent the modification, the COI requirement would have been met had the transaction closed on the modification date.
It also made substantial equivalency available for all professional staff at firms that comply with the act's enforcement requirements.
It requires reinsurers to be authorized by the member state in which the reinsurer has its head office and imposes certain capital requirements to ensure that assets are prudently invested, properly diversified and sufficiently liquid, having due regard to the amount and duration of the expected claims payments.
The CBA has repeatedly refused to exempt tax practice from the notification requirement as tax practitioners can cause tremendous consumer harm.
The hope is that ESPs can readily supply different mixes of IT specialists to meet the ever-changing requirements an organization has for IT products and services, at a lower cost than enlarging, shrinking, or retraining its internal IT staff.
The new non-government standard will be published this summer, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) says that the new leg opening requirements will be part of JPMA's certification program six months after that.
Unless a CCA is multilateral, which few are, there should be no requirement to maintain or produce information about related parties that are not parties to a cost contribution agreement being scrutinized by one of the member countries.
Every military organization relies on DLA supply centers for components to support weapon system readiness, repair and maintenance requirements.
The new provision replaces this requirement by instead requiring the use of trial work experiences, including on-the-job supports and/or training, before a state VR agency can determine an individual to be ineligible for services due to the severity of the individual's disability.

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