request for proposal

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request for proposal (RFP)

Etymology: L, requaerere, to require, propronere, to propound
a solicitation by a funding agency for proposals to accomplish a particular goal. The RFP lists the requirements a project must meet to receive funding.

request for proposal



Notification by a foundation or government agency that funds are available for research projects and that research sponsors are seeking applicants for those funds.
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The International Telecommunication Union (hereinafter referred to as "ITU") issues the present Request for Proposal for the appointment of a company to supply, install and commission a Broadband Wireless Network in Swaziland, as well as the related training and support services.
STATE OF VERMONT REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Consulting Services The State of Vermont (State) is soliciting proposals for consulting services to review potential implications of State involvement with the acquisition of TransCanada~~~~s hydroelectric assets on the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.
All questions regarding this Request for Proposal must be in writing and emailed as detailed under General Conditions, Item Number Five on Page Seven of this Request for Proposal by January 19, 2016 by 5:00 PM, CST.
Request for Proposal: Design build request for proposal #15-16-014 buccaneer park step 2
110 - acquisition of a well-maintained apartment in the secondary market for the needs of the customer in accordance with the terms of the request for proposals and the draft contract (appendix no.
International Resource News-October 6, 2015--Alliant Energy's Iowa utility to offer request for proposals for new solar projects
Applicants must file a notice of intent to compete--which can be found in the request for proposals section--in order to participate in the competitive grants process.
New York City Economic Development Corporation issued a Request for Proposals for the sale and redevelopment of the landmark Kingsbridge Armory, a 575,000 s/f building at 29 West Kingsbridge Road in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx.

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