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Abbreviation for retinitis pigmentosa; Registered Pharmacist.
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Abbreviation for:
resolving power (see there)
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(prak'tis) [L. practica, practical work, fr Gr. praktike]
1. The use by a health care professional of knowledge and skill to provide a service in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness and in the maintenance of health.
2. The continuing, repetitive effort to become proficient and to improve one's skill in the practice of medicine.

blocked practice

A means of gaining mastery over a skill by drilling, i.e., by performing tasks or movements repeatedly according to a fixed procedure. Research shows that while blocked practice is superior at improving immediate performance, it is not as effective as other approaches, such as random practice, for retained learning. See: random practice

evidence-based practice

Abbreviation: EBP
Evidence-based health care.

family practice

Comprehensive medical care with particular emphasis on the family unit, in which the physician's continuing responsibility for health care is not limited by the patient's age or sex or by a particular organ system or disease entity.

Family practice is the specialty that builds on a core of knowledge derived from other disciplines, drawing most heavily on Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, and Psychiatry, and establishes a cohesive unit, combining the behavioral sciences with the traditional biological and clinical sciences. The core of knowledge encompassed by the discipline of family practice prepares the family physician for a unique role in patient management, problem solving, counseling, and as a personal physician who coordinates total health care delivery. (Definition supplied by The American Academy of Family Physicians.)

legitimate medical practice

Any form of treatment that is accepted under the Medical Practice Acts enacted by each of the fifty U.S. states.

patient safety practice

A systematic health care practice that reduces the likelihood that patients will suffer undesirable side effects from treatment.

private practice

The practice by a health care professional, usually a physician or dentist, in a setting in which the practice and the practitioner are independent of external policy control other than ethics of the professional and state licensing laws.

random practice

A means of gaining mastery over a skill through training exercises that vary the sequence of elements in the skill. Compared with blocked practice, in which a skill is learned by fixed, repetitive drilling, random practice, with its frequently modified routine, results in better retention of the skill after training is completed. See: blocked practice

recommended practice

Abbreviation: RP
A protocol for care about which there is general agreement, e.g., a practice guideline or officially sanctioned technique, esp. one that enhances the safety or reliability of care.

wear and care practice

Guidelines for the use and cleansing of contact lenses, designed to optimize their healthful and safe use.
Synonym: wear and care regimen

recommended practice

Abbreviation: RP
A protocol for care about which there is general agreement, e.g., a practice guideline or officially sanctioned technique, esp. one that enhances the safety or reliability of care.
See also: practice
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* Verify that your bank's required message (which should have been provided between July 1, 2009, and August 31, 2009) clearly notes that your repurchase agreement is not a deposit, which would be subject to FDIC limits.
perhaps involving temporary substitution of manual for automated processing." (Box 3 explains an important operational problem created by the recognition of accrued interest.) Nevertheless, the Fed stated that it expected the change would be implemented by every primary dealer by early October--a deadline that was met "with few problems." (27) Box 3 An Operational Problem Created by the Recognition of Accrued Interest on Repo Securities Recognition of accrued interest complicated the operational aspects of a repurchase agreement on a security that pays a coupon during the term of the repo.
(44.) For example, a claim is exempt from the automatic stay in bankruptcy in the United States if it arises under a securities contract or repurchase agreement subject to section 555 or 559 of the Bankruptcy Code, respectively (11 U.S.C.
In general, FASB 125 provides that if the transferee (i.e., repo buyer or the government entity) has the right to sell or repledge the securities under a repurchase agreement and the transferor (i.e., repo seller or the broker/dealer) does not have the right to substitute the securities or terminate the contract on short notice, the repo buyer will be required to record both the securities, together with any obligation to return the securities, on its balance sheet.
GrafTech International Ltd (NYSE:EAF) disclosed on Tuesday that it commenced a secondary offering of 20,000,000 shares of its common stock and will sign a share repurchase agreement with the selling stockholder to buy back up to USD225m of shares
* The claim on the qualifying securities firm arises from a repurchase/reverse repurchase agreement or securities lending/borrowing transaction and satisfies certain collateral and other requirements.
Stoneridge announced that it has entered into an accelerated share repurchase agreement with Citibank N.A.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 12, 2017-Arch Coal approves USD41.5m stock repurchase agreement
For example, in 1984, the code recognized the right of a repo market participant to liquidate a repurchase agreement without regard to the otherwise applicable automatic stay provisions ,of the code.
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (LPX) announced it has entered into an accelerated share repurchase agreement with Goldman Sachs & Co.