reproductive cycle

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a succession or recurring series of events.
cardiac cycle a complete cardiac movement, or heart beat, including systole, diastole, and the intervening pause.
Cardiac cycle. From Applegate, 2000.
cell cycle the cycle of biochemical and morphological events occurring in a reproducing cell population; it consists of the S phase, occurring toward the end of interphase, in which DNA is synthesized; the G2 phase, a relatively quiescent period; the M phase, consisting of the four phases of mitosis; and the G1 phase of interphase, which lasts until the S phase of the next cycle.
citric acid cycle tricarboxylic acid cycle.
estrous cycle the recurring periods of estrus in adult females of most mammalian species and the correlated changes in the reproductive tract from one period to another.
hair cycle the successive phases of the production and then loss of hair, consisting of anagen, catagen, and telogen.
menstrual cycle see menstrual cycle.
ovarian cycle the sequence of physiologic changes in the ovary involved in ovulation; see also ovulation and reproduction.
reproductive cycle the cycle of physiologic changes in the reproductive organs, from the time of fertilization of the ovum through gestation and childbirth; see also reproduction.
sex cycle (sexual cycle)
1. the physiologic changes that recur regularly in the reproductive organs of nonpregnant female mammals.
2. the period of sexual reproduction in an organism that also reproduces asexually.
tricarboxylic acid cycle the cyclic metabolic mechanism by which the complete oxidation of the acetyl portion of acetyl-coenzyme A is effected; the process is the chief source of mammalian energy, during which carbon chains of sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids are metabolized to yield carbon dioxide, water, and high-energy phosphate bonds. Called also citric acid cycle, Krebs cycle, and TCA cycle.
 Central pathways of metabolism: How the body produces energy from the energy-containing nutrients using the tricarboxylic acid cycle. From Davis and Sherer, 1994.
urea cycle a cyclic series of reactions that produce urea; it is a major route for removal of the ammonia produced in the metabolism of amino acids in the liver and kidney.
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re·pro·duc·tive cy·cle

the cycle that begins with conception and extends through gestation and parturition.
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re·pro·duc·tive cy·cle

(rē'prŏ-dŭk'tiv sī'kĕl)
The cycle that begins with conception and extends through gestation and parturition.
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Thus, considering the types of germ cells, as well as their predominance in the gonad, four phases were described over the reproductive cycle of L.
Based on the frequency analysis of the gonadal development stages, we observed that the species Melampus coffeus has a well-defined synchronous reproductive cycle and successive maturation, spawning and resting periods that can be clearly identified.
Qualitative assessment of the reproductive cycle as provided by the GSI frequency showed a similar seasonal cycle to that of the GSI.
Reproductive cycle of Sydney rock oysters, Saccostrea glomerata (Gould, 1850) selectively bred for faster growth.
At the physiological level, it is difficult to discuss the correlation between the inhibiting effect of pesticides and the reproductive cycle of birds, but it is possible is attributed to the mechanism of measure of photoperiod.
Therefore, the condition of N restriction in the combination of reduced N fertilizer dose and system of reduced residual-N release promotes a small increment of the vegetative cycle and reduction of the reproductive cycle. In general, the differences observed in the development due to the doses of N fertilizer and succession system were not significant.
The testicular morphological changes have originated the five classes of the reproductive cycle. When contrasting it to other teleosts, they show some similarity but with particular arrangements in spite of the taxonomic differences, Morone saxatilis, Oxyeleotris marmoratus, Brycon henni, C.
In our study, monthly variation showed a gradual increase in the autumn, which could be related to the reproductive cycle and maturation of gonads.
As such, accurate and low-cost methods are likely to prove of great value in understanding key aspects of the reproductive ecology of Neotropical bats and the impact of habitat fragmentation on their reproductive cycles.
According to oocytes type frequency, five stages of the reproductive cycle were defined: rest (1), initial maturation (2A), intermediary maturation (2B), advanced maturation (2C) and spawned (4), adapted from the classification used by Tavares (1986) and Andrade (1990).
It will also include theultrasound monitoring of female sharks and hormone analysis to assess their reproductive cycle, the artificial insemination process and the potential live birth of pups.
The study proposes that, the recent climate change has resulted in a drastic change in the reproductive cycle of the butterflies, causing them to slowly die.

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