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When the yeast is treated well, it reproduces by splitting into two halves that both inherit their fair share of old cell material.
But researchers studying a species of New Zealand snail that sometimes reproduces sexually and sometimes asexually have recently found evidence that the Red Queen effect exists.
Active Dynamic Range Expander (Active DRE) reproduces a crisp, contrastive picture quality.
Stone Gallery aims to reproduce the world's most beautiful natural stones, emulating their colours and structural variations.
By allowing dwarf mistletoe to grow and create witches' brooms, we are helping a whole community of living things survive and reproduce.
We thanks Alicia Produce for permission to reproduces images from Julio Medem's Lovers of the Arctic Circle; Las Producciones del Escorpion for permission to reproduce images from Alejandro Amenabar's Tesis; Alta Films for permission to reproduce images from Iciar Bollain's Flowers From Another World; Lola Films for permission to reproduce images from Alex de Ia Iglesia's Dying of Laughter; El Deseo S.
Such a system prepares, records, transfers, indexes, stores, preserves, retrieves and reproduces books and records by either
2) Children gather around artist Jung Choi as she reproduces Vincent Van Gogh's ``Irises'' as part of an art program for kids.
If any business, institution, member of a profession or calling, or any department or agency of government, in the regular course of business or activity has kept or recorded any memorandum, writing, entry, print, representation or combination thereof, of any act, transaction, occurrence or event, and in the regular course of business has caused any or all of the same to be recorded, copied, or reproduced by any photographic, photostatic, microfilm, micro-card, miniature photographic, or other process which accurately reproduces or forms a durable medium for so reproducing the original, the original may be destroyed in the regular course of business unless held in a custodial or fiduciary capacity or unless its preservation is required by law.
This new category of digital amplifier faithfully reproduces ultra-low level audio signals, resulting in exceptional audio clarity, warmth and detail reminiscent of early tube analog amplifiers.
coli reproduces asexually in a symmetrical manner--that is, one mother cell divides down the middle to form two identical daughters.
and go on to dismantle the mythology surrounding the day's prime mover of minimal art, concluding with damning words: "You can't be subversive to institutions and at the same time presuppose a form of art which reproduces, thus increases, the power of those institutions.