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Causing or inclined to cause repression.
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In particular, we use the regional indicator of "court repressiveness" developed by Libman, Kozlov and Schultz (Libman et al.
The work of Paolo Freire (1921-1997) among the disadvantaged poor of Brazil and the titles of his books--Pedagogy of the oppressed (1972) and Pedagogy of hope (1995)--indicate both the repressiveness of illiteracy and the emancipatory power of literacy.
He overstates Louverture's control of events, for example, and understates the repressiveness of the "stability" the general provided; taking Louverture as an agent of "universal emancipation" (p.
The commission did not rank countries on their repressiveness, but it said Saudi Arabia "remains uniquely repressive." It said the regime "privileges its own interpretation of Sunni Islam over all other interpretations and ...
This work was funded by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF), 'Project Increase of soil endogenous functionality in organic orchards: cereal cover crops to increase microbial components involved in soil repressiveness against root pathogens which are agents of production decline--ENDOBIOFRUIT' (DM 24318/7742/09).
Repressiveness and traumatic experiences as well as acceptable practices are to be integrated in remembrance of old regime political community identity (Tileaga, 2012).
This was a consequence of the spread of the desperate doctrine of "propaganda by the deed," which sought to justify the use of illegal and violent methods (marring the reputation of anarchism ever since) but achieved little other than to provoke a new repressiveness on the part of the French Third Republic and create a new wave of anarchists who sought refuge in still liberal England.
This view still governs Obama administration policy despite the transparently fraudulent national elections of this past April, the increasing crackdown on what little news media freedom remains, the growing repressiveness in response to political opponents, and the need to use "shoot to kill" force of the sort that was central to the regime's violent suppression of a civil uprising by thousands of people in several cities throughout Sudan in September 2013; hundreds of people were killed by security forces.
Christian mores having been thoroughly "indigenized," enfolded into the construction of Hmong tradition as conservative, now would make it possible for the ostensible "repressiveness" of Hmong earlier generations to be called out by Hmong American youth.
prevalent among upper classes, arguably exacerbating the repressiveness