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Causing or inclined to cause repression.
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The Repressive Hypothesis In his classic work, The History of Sexuality, Volume 1, philosopher Michel Foucault posed questions that are worthy of attention in thinking about what is accomplished by calling out the purported repressiveness or conservatism of Hmong culture or of Hmong Christianity: "Why do we say, with so much passion and so much resentment against our most recent past, against our present, and against ourselves, that we are repressed?
While both von Matt and Elizabeth Boa acknowledge the grotesqueness of Brunelda's authoritarianism and agree that she does not represent an opposition to patriarchy, but merely mirrors its repressiveness, the time escape from repression comes to Kafka's protagonist through his entrance into the Theater of Oklahama.
The title of a La Presse feature article by Eve Dumas--"Maureen, l'enfant martyre"--makes another telling comparison, by likening Maureen's situation to that of Aurore Gagnon, the abused girl whose story, dramatised in a 1928 play and a 1951 film, became emblematic of the repressiveness and corruption of pre-Quiet Revolution Quebec.
The bureaucratic privatization of management system in times of socialism is what, at its total repressiveness has remained indefinite, having totally spread and finally led to its destructive end.
Indeed, so-called "second-wave" feminist theory abounds in assertions that war, racism, love of hierarchy and general repressiveness belong to "patriarchy.
Though the 2008 Constitution moves away from the repressiveness of this previous constitution, it institutionally legitimizes the powerful political presence for the security forces.
The ongoing strife in Ukraine is a citizen reaction to an "ideology of control and repressiveness, of control and domination," according to Archbishop Stefan Soroka of the Ukrainian Catholic archeparchy of Philadelphia.
A este respecto David Herzberger ha equiparado la oposicion razon-instinto con las teorias freudianas: "It is thus imposible for a human being to develop his essential being-instinct--because of the repressiveness of the society in which he lives" (1976: 63).
The perception is growing that the old type of military or Kemalist authoritarianism is being replaced by a more civilian type of repressiveness.
The repressiveness of modern civilisation--which for Marcuse is embodied in the puritanical 'performance principle' that demands endless toil--is no longer justified by a wild and merciless nature, but is instead perpetuated in the interests of domination.
But no matter the interpretation, the incident supports one of the author's major arguments--the largely unacknowledged repressiveness of the patriarchal order.
There was a subtle repressiveness," huffs Hauerwas, "behind this seemingly innocuous pluralism.