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Although tailoring language to a preferred representational system is a useful tool to build rapport, it is also worth remembering that a person may well be comfortable with more than one system, so while they may exhibit elements of more than one, the best results will be achieved by focussing on the more obvious behaviour pattern.
This, when coupled with more exposure to similarly structured external representations of other unit fractions or an external representation system of unit fractions, will eventually lead students to an evolvement of an internal representational system for unit fractions.
This description of the pure subject from the philosophical standpoint of Deleuze and Guattari is a roadmap to the abandonment of representation, the end of subjectivity as such, and the impossibility of the stable organization of a representational system.
The author replaces Goodman's "Characteristic Constitutive Aspects" (CCP) by "Syntactically Relevant Projectiles" (SRP), and holds that a representational System (S) is mimetic with respect to a set of properties (C) if and only if the following four conditions hold.
The representational systems important to mathematics and its learning have structure, so that different representations within a system are richly related to one another (pp.
Boyle argues that these books are significant because they demonstrate that perspective during the seventeenth century should not be understood solely or even primarily in terms of the production of the "points" or "subjecting gazes" of a Cartesian or Euclidean representational system (17).
The relevant mapping rule explains the evolutionary success of the representational system.
Italian Students' Social Representation on Aging: An Exploratory Study of a Representational System
An improved representational system is Noun Phrases.
Later the workers voted to return to something like a more traditional representational system with the main difference being the role of first line supervisors and administrative staff in the overall system of organisational governance, see Jaques, The Changing Culture of a Factory, p.
The decontextualized environment of school requires students to use an abstract representational system of knowledge that is learned and usually not available in the situated-learning environment of generational poverty.

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