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1. To place in another position, as during an operation.
2. Synonym(s): reduction (1)
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Laparoscopic surgery The changing of a Pt's position during a procedure to improve access or visualization of the operative field, which may be linked to complications, as it changes anatomic planes of operation. See Laparoscopic surgery.
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1. The restoration, by surgical or manipulative procedures, of a part to its normal anatomic relation.
Synonym(s): repositioning.
2. chemistry A reaction involving a gain of one or more electrons by a substance.
3. Surgical procedure to reduce size.
[L. reductio, fr. re-duco, pp. ductus, to lead back]
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Chart audits verified 100% adherence with repositioning high-risk patients.
(4,5) The patients in the intensive care unit who were mechanically ventilated and had to undergo basic minimum procedures like oral care, IV cannulation, ryle's tube insertion and repositioning have to suffer mild-to-severe pain.
No one knows the woes of repositioning a troubled property like Jesse Holland, CPM, and president of Sunrise Management and Consulting, AMO, in Albany New York.
The management of repositioning was categorised into one of the following: a) allowing spontaneous eruption or b) orthodontic repositioning or c) surgical repositioning.
Gene Logic completed a business review in September and committed to the Drug Repositioning business.
The department store giant's strong cash position led to approval from its board of directors last week for a $1 billion capital structure repositioning program.
Unlike conventional repositioning, where the straight line movements of the cutting head consume time, the L6 optimizes the cutting head movement with Ping Pong repositioning.
In fact, some lines are exploring the possibility of dedicated westbound sailings carrying only empty containers for repositioning," Erich notes.
Every filter had an attempt at either removal or repositioning if it was still needed.
Repositioning, breathing, gluteal, hamstring and abdominal/oblique exercises were explained, demonstrated and critiqued in a series of eight visits during a 5-week period.
Repositioning had to be done within 28 days, when endothelial growth on the filter prevented further movement.
Most healthcare facilities have patient lifts available to assist staff members during the process of lifting, transferring or repositioning patients.