report generator

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report generator,

n a computer program for producing complete data processing reports giving only a description of the desired content and format of the output reports, as well as certain information concerning the input file.
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Report generator List and Label has been integrated in numerous custom software solutions and standard software applications around the world and is based on 14 years of expertise in the reporting sector.
CHICAGO, March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Aladdin Knowledge Systems , an information security leader specializing in authentication, software DRM and content security, today announced the general availability of the HASP SRM Report Generator, a versatile new tool for software vendors to analyze product activation licensing and order-entry data, enhancing strategic business models and customer care.
The optional Cloud-based realPOP SaaS report generator helps consolidate all that data into an easy-to-manage, FCC-ready report including headend, end-of-line and 24-hour test data.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- CardiacQA, a web-based provider of Quality Assurance Tools and Nuclear Reporting Solutions for Cardiology Practices, announced today that they have eclipsed the 20,000 reports mark on their Nuclear Report Generator.
Search and report functions can work together: The search can identify a part that has dropped below reorder quantities, while the report generator can produce a completed order form.
Its clinical product is called OBRA+, and offers within its basic software not only the usual OBRA documentation, but a "Time Tracker" -- it automatically tracks due dates and tickler files and produces reports on a daily-to-yearly basis -- and a Report Generator -- geared to more generalized reports for staff and management.
Our dynamic report generator lets you with ease and speed generate html reports directly in your web browser, whether it is a single drug profile or an entire search you want have a report of.
ePublisher is an on-demand report generator that simultaneously pulls data from multiple data sources into the same report in seconds.
PCMS includes a report generator designed for non-programmers.