report generator

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report generator,

n a computer program for producing complete data processing reports giving only a description of the desired content and format of the output reports, as well as certain information concerning the input file.
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Report generator List and Label has been integrated in numerous custom software solutions and standard software applications around the world and is based on 14 years of expertise in the reporting sector.
According to the announcement, the products are easy to use, yet affordable, and include unique features such as patron-written book reviews, Easy Authority, printing of patron photo ID cards, and a powerful built-in report generator.
Mandarin includes inventory capabilities, statistical analysis, a report generator, and union catalog capabilities.
Once a procedure has been detailed and categorized, an automatic report generator produces a professional-looking document.
Over 200 standard reports are supplied and Mapcon's Report Generator allows the user to create additional reports as desired.
The new realPOP report generator and updated AT-Web features provide the most comprehensive proof-of-performance compliance testing and advanced automation for FCC and SCTE-40 requirements.
Produces sophisticated report generator able to produce custom reports, including Organizational hierarchy levels and other Built-in reports
Line profiling, area spectra, Quant maps and phase maps are only a mouse click away, and the proprietary report generator automatically generates reports in Microsoft Word.
Search and report functions can work together: The search can identify a part that has dropped below reorder quantities, while the report generator can produce a completed order form.