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However, any report card being included in the database does not imply an endorsement of its content or layout by AHRQ, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services.
As you read the report card, note that the students clearly understand two critical differences between ethics and morality in today's world.
The good news is that 2004's overall grade of "D+" is up slightly from the "D" and "F" grades Uncle Sam earned on the 2002 report card.
Arkansas implemented a similar law last school year, although the information is sent to parents and is not on report cards.
Most will receive a "falling grade" when their report cards are issued.
On the subject of labor issues, the report card gave the bishops failing grades in four areas: salaries--which NACST says lag about 23 percent behind public school teachers--job security, conflict resolution, and honoring the right to organize.
The old report cards for third, fourth and fifth grades all came home looking the same,'' Bluestein said.
Considerable attention has been focused on the technical aspects of surveying consumers and designing report cards (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, 1995).
In addition, CISOs from large and small agencies hold divergent opinions on the value of the Report Card process.
And when there is a team of teachers who work together for groups of students, they could all look together on a computer monitor, call up the student's report card and grade each student together, he says.
Principal Carolyn Fong said she wasn't able to reach district officials in time to have the report cards delivered for this week's talks.