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In this article, we evaluate the relative impact on consumers of these two report card efforts.
In line with Report Card grades, 75 percent of CISOs say that their IT security environment has "improved" or "significantly improved" since the House of Representatives' Oversight and Government Reform Committee released the 2006 Report Card.
While report cards in the new system look similar to the old ones, the key differences are in the new subareas.
Cary Sennett says that, while today's report cards are primitive and are used primarily by corporate purchasers, tomorrow's report cards will offer more information and could be used by public purchasers or regulators to create consumer awareness.
But with more than 100 performance measures across eight major categories of healthcare, Hudak stated, the new report card provides a broader array of information about Kaiser Permanente's quality than has ever been compiled before for any healthcare provider.
We could not be happier with the results of our first annual metro report card," said Fedor Smith, ATLANTIC-ACM Vice President.
A district may provide access to only its own report card, or to report cards from similar or neighboring districts, as well.
We knew it was going to be tight,'' said Haft, who photocopied a master form of the report card as a precaution.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Medica, one of Minnesota's largest managed care organizations, today released its report card on performance data to the community.
So consider this a planning guide for meeting the requirements of the new bill, including two sections that didn't get a lot of press--what changes school districts face this fall, and the report card that districts have to offer to parents and the community at large.
The state's higher education institutions are getting worse grades when it comes to preparing Californians for high-tech jobs, said a report card issued by a business lobby.