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a prepared account of an event, investigation, or evaluation, usually for formal presentation to an authority or group.
accident report incident report.
case report a narrative in the professional literature that identifies a single incident and discusses pertinent factors related to the patient.
incident report a written document describing inadvertent trauma to a patient, errors or omissions in care, or untoward events happening to staff or visitors. Such a report should be filed as soon after the event as possible. Called also accident report.
shift report in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as exchanging essential patient care information with other nursing staff at change of shift.


Etymology: L, re + portare, to carry
(in nursing) the transfer of information from the nurses on one shift to the nurses on the following shift or before the transfer of a patient from one unit to another. Report is given systematically at the time of change of shift. The nurse manager, team leader, or primary nurse conducts the report, summarizing the progress and status of each patient for the nurses who will next assume responsibility for the care. The provider of the information is said to "give report," and the oncoming staff to "take report." Report may be given to the assembled oncoming staff, or it may be tape recorded so that staff members can listen to it individually or in a group on their own schedule. The Kardex and medcard of each patient are updated before report, and staff members are informed of the changes during report.


A formal account, oral, written, or electronic, of conditions, events, or actions.
[O.Fr. reporter, fr. L. re-portare, to carry back]


1. The account, usually verbal and often tape-recorded, that the nursing staff going off duty gives to the oncoming staff. The purpose is to provide continuity of care despite the change in staff. The information provided is of the utmost importance in caring for critically ill patients.
2. A record of a drug reaction, illness, medical emergency, or other health-related statistic.

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They lost against Holland in the European Championship semi-finals at Herenveen last night and Whittingham is due to ring Jones today to discuss when he should report back.
Options members were to consider at the report back meetings included a two-hour strike on September 19--Suffrage Day and NZNO's day of action in support of its Fair Pay campaign.
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Gareth Barry was due to report back today after being overlooked by England this summer while Gary Cahill and Ashley Young have got an extra week after playing for the under-21s in the Euro finals.
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A person can also instruct the site to report back on newly posted rides of interest," says Clyde Mitchell, the principal founder of RideCheck.
Edison has 30 days to report back to us and share their (complete) findings with our commission staff,'' she said.
The county auditor-controller will report back to the supervisors in two weeks on how to improve living conditions and what it would entail to have inspectors begin grading buildings.
The ALARM handheld device will identify vapor from the production of methamphetamine in minute concentrations in air, localize the event by global positioning satellite (GPS) and report back to authorities via wireless communications.
The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to have the Sheriff's Department, County Counsel's Office and other departments explore ways of cracking down on the problem and to report back in two weeks.