replication site

rep·li·ca·tion site

the in vivo site on DNA of DNA replication.
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sup][1] As a result, the oriC region and oriC-proximal domains are progressively segregated away from the midcell replication site before chromosome replication is completed.
The bank is still using tape for second tier backup, but through the deployment of dual systems, it has eliminated the need for physical movement of tape between the main site and replication site, which was both inefficient and created the added risk of tapes getting lost or damaged.
The deaths of five participants due to kidney failure led the researchers to consider whether the kidney could be a preferred replication site for the virus.
Louis Community College has received a $350,000 startup grant to become a Gateway to College replication site, a national drop-out recovery model developed by Portland Community College in Oregon.
Replication site staff showed gains in implementing art activities and making adaptations for children with disabilities.
In addition to flexibility, the IBM Cloud provides Clarient with a fully redundant, low latency network that allows for near real-time communication between datacenter locations, making it easier to keep replication sites in sync at no charge for network usage.
Latency in networks significantly slows down data backup and replication processes between data centers and remote replication sites or a cloud.