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A specimen for electron microscopic examination obtained by coating a crystalline array or other virus material with carbon; the mold (the replica) obtained after the viral material has been dissolved provides details of structure and arrangement.
[It., fr. L.L. re-plico, to fold back]
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Interestingly, each facility received attention for civil war period casting replicas.
Replica Management using knowledgebase representation.
When the play was performed again in 2005, an effort was made to bring in a wall replica, but none was available.
New York Life commissioned an artist to make a replica of the original policy, then donated it to be placed on Custer's desk.
Mr Kelleher said: "The reality is that raiders will try to acquire realistic replica firearms to use in burglaries because they are less expensive and easier to find than real guns.
One of the first was a replica of Winchester's Model 1866.
Maximum jail sentences for carrying a replica will increase from six months to a year and those who manufacture, import or sell them will face up to 51 weeks in jail.
La propuesta ciudadana de ejercicio del Derecho de Replica es inconstitucional, pues la facultad para resolver las controversias se ubica en la responsabilidad de un organo sobre regulador, que duplica funciones y esta compuesto por un Consejo de Notables, como una instancia desconcentrada de la Administracion Publica Federal, sin capacidad constitucional para juzgar a las autoridades administrativas (5).
Poel at the controls, right, the A-1 replica conducted two flights from Lake Keuka on 15 September and one on 19 September, top right.
Modern Originals included an entry for a replica of an American revolver in catalogues it sent out.
Two WANSync Server licenses were installed on the master server cluster at the LeumiCall center, allowing it to be replicated to a WANSync Server replica over the call center's LAN.
An officer called to a scene has to make a decision, but the use of replica weapons makes this even harder for officers.