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something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.
long terminal r's identical nucleotide sequences occurring at each end of a proviral genome or a transposon and believed to be essential for integration of the molecule into host DNA.
tandem repeat appearance of two or more identicle segments close to each other within a strand of DNA.


something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.


(rep.) (rē-pēt')
Prescription directions for the pharmacist.
[L. repetatur, let it be repeated]

Patient discussion about repeat

Q. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for? I read the previous question about the early autism symptoms of a child. It is very beneficial. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for?

A. It depends upon your child’s health. Repetitive symptoms will vary from child to child but they will begin to show up at a very young age. Look for things such as stacking of items or lining items up compulsively. They may also have repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or body rocking. In some cases, the child may even injure themselves on a regular basis such as by biting their skin. As with most things, each individual child will display repetitive symptoms in their own way.

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On the other hand, running consistently on the same side of a canted surface is also a significant risk factor because it repetitively distorts the bio-mechanics of your stride.
Think about what's involved in executing any athletic technique: Power is applied through a movement path, often repetitively, and must be controlled.
The FAA has also proposed a new AD that is applicable to all Industrie Aeronautiche e Meccaniche Model Piaggio P-180 aircraft that would require repetitively inspecting the brake assembly rods and tubings for wear or damage, as well as replacing any worn or damaged parts.
A brain disorder, it can waste muscles and often causes its victims to wave and wring their hands repetitively.
Addictions are behaviors done repetitively that cause detriment and bring pleasure.
Objective measures include an increase in the number of hours that the patient is able to work, an increased number of pounds that can be lifted repetitively, or an increased ability to perform basic self-care and other higher level activities.
Wear parts are used by all companies engaged in metalworking activities - for wear pads and centers to repetitively locate parts for gaging or machining with precision; for cylindrical gages and masters to repetitively measure diameters or to set other gages without losing precision; for bushings to repetitively locate drills and other tools without losing precision due to wear; and for guides, such as those for EDM wires which can maintain their profiles even though continuous rubbing action seeks to destroy them dimensionally.
In order to accomplish this, a file on the PC can be created to repetitively execute the same request with different conditions or parameters passed to the mainframe; these files are called scripts.
A batch file is one that contains repetitively used DOS commands to save keystrokes; it typically is used for tasks such as changing directories, switching disk drives or executing software programs.
In a chapter on politics and elections, he suggests process questions that reporters should try to answer instead of repetitively tracking the horse race: "How much did noisy TV advertising attacks and counterattacks contribute to the public's apathy and failure to vote?
has developed the Exer-Rest[R] motorized motion platform which moves a supine individual repetitively head to foot about 140 times per minute.
You may have a lot as buying same repetitively on your mind and be distracted, so find it hard to recall why you were heading into that particular room," says Sally.