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something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.
long terminal r's identical nucleotide sequences occurring at each end of a proviral genome or a transposon and believed to be essential for integration of the molecule into host DNA.
tandem repeat appearance of two or more identicle segments close to each other within a strand of DNA.


(rep.) (rē-pēt')
Prescription directions for the pharmacist.
[L. repetatur, let it be repeated]

Patient discussion about repeat

Q. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for? I read the previous question about the early autism symptoms of a child. It is very beneficial. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for?

A. It depends upon your child’s health. Repetitive symptoms will vary from child to child but they will begin to show up at a very young age. Look for things such as stacking of items or lining items up compulsively. They may also have repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or body rocking. In some cases, the child may even injure themselves on a regular basis such as by biting their skin. As with most things, each individual child will display repetitive symptoms in their own way.

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"It's akin to a young pitcher who experiences repetitive elbow trauma over time by the very act of throwing a ball at high velocity," Glatter said.
Body-focused repetitive behaviours (BFRBs) is an umbrella name given to a group of compulsive behaviours, which may cause damage to one's appearance causing physical injury and/or significant distress.
Proposed Repetitive EWMA-RSS Control Charts Using Exponential Ratio-Type Estimators.
Studies have shown that prolonged or repetitive seizures can cause neurological damage and dramatically increase the risk of changes in neuropsychological function or even death.
Lastly, there are body focused repetitive behaviours, which are essentially grooming gone awry such as compulsive nail-biting, hair-pulling and skin-picking.
In the ZIP code that encompasses the Greenspoint section of Houston (a low-income neighborhood that has flooded at least five times between 2001 and 2017), FEMA has spent $12 million in repetitive loss claims on 71 properties in the program.
To explore more information from the repetitive structures [16], this research presents a robust matching strategy where the correspondence of salient features is found and used to determine the regions of interest for matching the repeated ones and, in the meantime, similar features outside the region are excluded, leading to the reduction of the matching ambiguities.
This structure is named as Modified Repetitive Control Strategy (MrCS) [3].
A number of states include reference to repetitive injury or cumulative trauma syndrome under the definition of occupational disease.
While adults without an autism diagnosis showed a high tendency for repetitive behaviours the individuals with an autism diagnosis consistently scored significantly higher on this measure.
This form of application is known as Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Magnetic Stimulation which is accepted as a functional variant application of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
Lean RFS (repetitive flexible supply); putting the pieces together.