repetition rate

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rep·e·ti·tion rate

the number of pulses per minute, describing an energy output, for example, ultrasound pulses in echocardiography rather than vascular pulses.
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Using the BiSi-ABR technique, the test time was reduced by maintaining the click repetition rate, and the repetition rate was maintained at 30.1/sec in each ear.
Generators of high-voltage pulses with a repetition rate of 50000 pulses per second.
(b) Pulse repetition rate and pulse width evolution with absorbed pump power.
Maximum output pulse energy of 150.6 nJ has been obtained at a repetition rate of 13.9 kHz from the laser cavity under the input pump power of 180 mW at 980 nm.
In Figure 8 representative self-diffraction signals obtained by a two-wave mixing experiment are shown; the repetition rate of the laser excitation was 10 Hz in this case.
This time, participants repeated their chosen self-evaluative word out loud for 30 seconds, at the same word repetition rate and loudness as the practise phase.
Rastering at the repetition rate of 80 Hz and in 2 mm increment resulted in the measurement time of about 12 minutes.
We moved PFs 50,000 times in each experiment and computed the repetition rate as Equation (2).
The situation of repetition rate in the primary and upper primary schools has changed over a period of times in Rewa in 2009.
In columns (2)--(4), we include average teacher salary, drop-out rate, and repetition rate, respectively, as proxies for the quality of education.
The company says the system provides unrivaled point density performance and an unmatched laser pulse repetition rate of 400 KHz.
Paladin 355-8000 UV Laser delivers 8W of quasi-CW output at 355 nm, with excellent mode quality, low noise, and an 80 MHz repetition rate. Insensitive to shock and vibration, the unit features long-term stability without adjustments, and has a smart power supply that allows hands-free operation and ease of integration.