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Homeopathic reference books consisting of descriptions of symptoms. The process of selecting a homeopathic remedy from the patient's symptom profile is called repertorizing.

repertories, in homeopathy, an index of compilations of thousands of symptoms and their remedy indications.
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A superficial use of both of these repertories would reveal that most entries are similar but, significantly, many are not.
Following the discussion of sources and repertories proper, appendices to part 2 include a "Brief Guide to Reading and Interpreting Baroque Guitar Tablatures," as well as information on tuning and stringing, which will be very useful to performers as well as musicologists involved in the study and editing of this repertory.
He chooses two full-length works, by Lewis Lockwood on Ferrara and Ian Fenlon on Mantova, for their more traditional emphases on the creation of unique polyphonic repertories for prideful court patrons.
Distinctions between classic ballet dancers and their modern dance cousins are breaking down-many modern dance works have been taken into classic repertories, and equally many members of modern dance troupes regularly take ballet classes.
Most of these repertories, like Franca's, were based loosely on the classics, with Coppelia and Giselle proving the most practicable and popular, yet they also introduced modern classics such as Les Sylphides and Prince Igor or a large range of Balanchine works in addition to completely new works, often specially tailored to the specific needs of the dancers and their audiences.
Later would come commissions from such modern dance choreographers as Lar Lubovitch, David Gordon, Karole Armitage, David Parsons, and Ulysses Dove, along with borrowings from the repertories of Jose Limon, Paul Taylor, and Merce Cunningham, among others.

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