repeated movements

repeated movements, a test of the active physiologic joint movements in which the practi-tioner frequently applies a movement to determine whether symptoms de-crease or increase.
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She saw him make repeated movements towards the clothing rail containing parka-style jackets costing PS810 each.
Twenty patients in group A were treated with Mulligan SNAGs in sitting, standing and prone position by applying anterocranial glide in the direction of treatment plane over the spinous or transverse process at 6 to 8 repetitions per sessions, and 17 patients in group B were treated with McKenzie active EEP in prone position with repeated movements along with standard protocols.
Tics are "involuntary" (meaning often, but not always, suppressible), brief, abrupt, repeated movements usually of the face, head, or neck.
The problem is usually caused by repeated movements like going over bumps or around in circles.
Pain, tenderness and soreness brought on by prolonged, repeated movements of a part of the body such as the hand or fingers.
ATRAVEL sickness is caused by repeated movements, such as going round in a circle or over bumps when travelling.
Their absolute control of their bodies was impressive as they repeated movements for minutes at a time and the performance was a tribute to their capabilities.
Using wireless controllers, players work through increasingly difficult levels while using sequences of repeated movements.
When female leatherbacks come ashore to lay their eggs, they clear out an chamber for the eggs using repeated movements of their rear flippers.
In chapter four, Davis continues to develop his original argument, endorsing the recent trend of criticisms that The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man is "a constructivist account of race that challenges the dominant biological essentialism of its time," that "consumer capitalism is a crucial determining context for the narrator's repeated movements across the color line" (15).
RSI is found primarily in adults who perform repeated movements such as those involved in typing or playing musical instruments.

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