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something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.
long terminal r's identical nucleotide sequences occurring at each end of a proviral genome or a transposon and believed to be essential for integration of the molecule into host DNA.
tandem repeat appearance of two or more identicle segments close to each other within a strand of DNA.


something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.


(rep.) (rē-pēt')
Prescription directions for the pharmacist.
[L. repetatur, let it be repeated]

Patient discussion about repeat

Q. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for? I read the previous question about the early autism symptoms of a child. It is very beneficial. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for?

A. It depends upon your child’s health. Repetitive symptoms will vary from child to child but they will begin to show up at a very young age. Look for things such as stacking of items or lining items up compulsively. They may also have repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or body rocking. In some cases, the child may even injure themselves on a regular basis such as by biting their skin. As with most things, each individual child will display repetitive symptoms in their own way.

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G2R believes the case studies will serve as highly valuable examples for other companies beginning to plan and implement their own repeatable solutions.
The planning worksheets are blank templates that "walk" professional services firms and technology providers through the repeatable solutions planning process.
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The new release demonstrates Verticalnet's continued commitment to provide sourcing professionals with a self-service spend analysis solution that provides multiple approaches for classifying their data in a repeatable fashion, and enables the real-time management of company specific classification rules.
3 to deliver enhanced functionality that will minimize the burden on the IT organization, arm the sourcing professional with tools to manage their categories, and maximize the percentage of spend accurately classified on a repeatable basis.
The suite allows users to identify and deploy repeatable best practices in systems management under a "solve a problem once" philosophy, significantly increasing IT staff efficiency while reducing the excessive costs associated with provisioning, update deployment, and other systems tasks.
Movaris helps finance organizations transform their 'last mile' -- the series of activities performed during the financial close and reporting process -- into repeatable, auditable and efficient processes.
6th Sense provides up-to-the minute, fact-based insight empowering teams to take the necessary steps to keep software projects on track and establish repeatable processes.
Built to address the needs of geographically distributed IT organizations and complex multi-platform environments, the Aldon Suite gives companies a defined, repeatable, measurable and traceable process for every stage of their application development.
RealOps is in the right position to capitalize on the growing demand for software that can automate manual, repeatable processes in the data center and operations environment and we are pleased to further our commitment to this organization.
This new release of C++Test provides embedded and cross platform software development teams with the automation and flexibility to fully adopt unit testing as a repeatable, sustainable element of their development process," said Sergei Sokolov, Parasoft C++Test Product Manager.